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TRC Healthcare’s Mission

TRC Healthcare’s mission is to help clinicians and healthcare professionals make safe, effective and efficient medication and natural therapy decisions.  As a result, we hope to positively impact patient care and reduce medication errors in the U.S and beyond.  Because we believe that eliminating knowledge gaps and educating front-line clinicians is an essential ingredient in improving patient outcomes,  we are therefore committed to delivering the most current and relevant evidence-based information available.  Our natural and drug therapy updates and practical, yet cutting-edge recommendations, as well as our  continuing education and training, are all created with our mission front of mind.   These driving principles have remained constant for three decades, since TRC was founded in 1985.

DELIVERING ON OUR MISSION: Concise, Unbiased, Relevant


Dozens of new medications are approved each year, and there are thousands of clinical study results to review. Your primary responsibility is caring for patients, not sorting through mountains of medication information.  Your time, your team’s time, is valuable.

That’s where TRC can help. Our team of nearly 200 practitioners dives into all of the evidence and research each month to identify the most relevant and current information. Our peer-reviewed process ensures that we’ve covered all the angles, and our team of independent editors delivers on-point recommendations in a concise, easy to understand format. The result? You get only what you need, which lets you spend more time caring for your patients.


Pharmaceutical companies spend a lot of money on marketing. Not a single penny goes to TRC.

Our team of independent editors work with influential thought leaders in the medical and pharmacy community, front line clinicians and experts from various disciplines each month. This ensures that our topic selection and advice is focused on areas with the most day-to-day patient impact first.  It also helps to create recommendations that have multiple views, are unbiased and practical, and have been vetted properly. Our editorial team undertakes a rigorous 13-step editorial process each month to ensure subscribers receive drug therapy recommendations based on the best available evidence.


Between the new medications entering the market and new clinical study results published daily, it can be a real challenge to stay current on what matters right now. However, at TRC, do the research upfront, to deliver only the most relevant and current information. Our team of experts helps you anticipate your patients and colleagues key questions, and be equipped with answers you can trust.

With TRC what you receive is timely, practical and clear-cut advice that you can use every day.