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PTU Elite: Point-of-Care Testing

Pharmacies are responding to America’s overburdened healthcare system by expanding services to include point-of-care testing that protects and enhances public health. At TRC Healthcare, we are doing our part to help pharmacies meet the increased demand for CLIA-waived tests that screen for chronic diseases and identify infectious diseases: we train pharmacy technicians to administer point-of-care tests.

PTU Elite: Point-of-Care Testing is a comprehensive training program that prepares pharmacy technicians to improve pharmacy efficiency by performing point-of-care tests. This 10-hour online training gives your pharmacy technicians total mastery of the necessary skills to:

  •  Identify candidates for testing
  • Administer and process tests safely
  • Complete vital administrative tasks

Pharmacies can count on TRC Healthcare to train pharmacy technicians for complete competence with point-of-care tests, equipping them to maximize pharmacy revenue, build valued relationships, and improve patient health.

technician in ppe gear holding a swab in front of patient


What to Expect of PTU Elite: Point-of-Care Testing

TRC Healthcare makes it convenient, efficient, and cost-effective for pharmacies to offer a high standard of training for pharmacy technicians who will perform point-of-care testing. We reduce the work for busy pharmacists who supervise training for pharmacy technicians.

When you choose PTU Elite: Point-of-Care Testing, your pharmacy technicians will become proficient with helping pharmacists identify patients at risk for chronic and/or infectious disease. Participants who complete the online program will learn to practice and promote preventative healthcare.

After completing our training, pharmacy technicians are ready to administer CLIA-waived tests that screen, detect, and/or monitor conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, COVID-19, flu, hepatitis C, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and strep throat.

Designed by Pharmacy Teams for Pharmacy Technicians

We asked pharmacy teams what they expect from training that prepares pharmacy technicians to perform point-of-care testing and designed a program around their expressed needs:

  • Convenience. Ten hours of self-paced, online study, available to staff 24/7, accompanied by clinical resources, quizzes, and ready-made rubrics that help supervising pharmacists confirm skills.
  • A lively, welcoming format. Immersive videos, problem-solving scenarios, patient cases, and simulated practice exercises keep students engaged in teaching points.
  • Affordability. Variable pricing, adjusted for the size of your organization, whether you have just a few local sites or numerous pharmacies nationwide.
  • Practicality. Technicians learn to take vitals and collect nasal swabs, throat samples, fingerstick blood samples, and oral fluid samples. They will also become proficient with administrative tasks that are critical for the business side of point-of-care testing. 

As a trusted leader in online training and professional development for pharmacy technicians, you can depend on TRC Healthcare to deliver relevant content and keep it updated to the latest standards.

Key Benefits

Leverage the full capacity of your pharmacy staff. Successful pharmacies augment access to healthcare in their communities by training all staff members, including pharmacy technicians, for optimal performance and results.

Increase revenue streams. When customers choose to have tests performed in your pharmacy, they may spend more time in your store and increase sales in your pharmacy.

Elevate customer satisfaction and loyalty. Qualified pharmacy technicians will be trained to have meaningful conversations with customers about routine, sometimes spontaneous tests that can be done at your pharmacy, offering patients the convenience of getting results where they already shop.

Improve public health. Many health conditions are asymptomatic until patients are seriously ill. Your pharmacy technicians will learn to help the healthcare team detect disease early so that patients can be referred to their primary care provider for treatment.

Retain the Best Pharmacy Technicians Through Career Development

PTU Elite: Point-of-Care Testing is one of several PTU Elite programs that give experienced pharmacy technicians access to lifelong training solutions.

Other programs include:

  • PTU Elite: CSPT™ Training
  • PTU Elite: Hazardous Drugs
  • PTU Elite: Immunizations
  • PTU Elite: Math Mastery
  • PTU Elite: Soft Skills

PTU Elite training supports pharmacies that are interested in attracting and retaining high-performing pharmacy technicians through lifelong learning opportunities and career advancement.

Choose TRC Healthcare to help your pharmacy technicians learn how to administer point of care tests.

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