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RxAdvanced: Guide to Natural Medicines

Local pharmacists in communities across the U.S. are respected guardians of personal health. That’s obvious by the number of Americans who depend on pharmacists to answer questions about natural medicines and supplements. Do supplements and natural remedies work? And if so, how safe are they, especially when paired with prescription medications or certain health conditions?

Whether by personal choice or by recommendation from a healthcare provider, a majority of adults now use at least one natural supplement to replace or to complement prescription medications. Every day, new natural products are available as treatments for certain conditions. Pharmacists want to share authoritative, unbiased guidance about dietary supplements and homeopathic remedies with patients, yet they lack reliable sources that deliver the necessary knowledge and clinical expertise they need to do so.

Natural Medicines

Expert Knowledge, Better Patient Care with TRC’s RxAdvanced Program.

TRC Healthcare introduces the latest RxAdvanced program: Guide to Natural Medicines to help pharmacists respond with confidence when patients ask about alternative drug therapies. Our online, self-guided training for pharmacists is one of the industry’s only comprehensive resources for building evidence-based competency in natural medicines and supplements.

Designed by the most trusted brand in continuing education for pharmacists, the much-needed Guide to Natural Medicines is a highly-relevant professional development curriculum for pharmacists who want to understand the safety and efficacy of complementary, alternative, and integrative therapies.

What Pharmacists Like About RxAdvanced: Guide to Natural Medicines.

Pharmacists who complete RxAdvanced: Guide to Natural Medicines can improve patient care by understanding research related to natural medicines and supplements.

Our curriculum prepares pharmacists to:

  • Prevent drug interactions. Learn how some natural products can interfere with certain prescription drugs or cause harmful reactions.
  • Reduce health risks. Nutritional supplements and integrative therapies aren’t for everyone. Determine which patients should avoid some natural medicines due to existing health conditions.
  • Educate patients. Share knowledge based on scholarly, peer-reviewed research that sheds a scientific light on the safety and efficacy of alternative therapies.
  • Respond quickly. Use acquired expertise to guide patients in spontaneous interactions rather than searching for reliable insights during peak times of customer service.
  • Inform consumer choices. Be the credible experts consumers trust to clarify decisions about product quality, purity, dosage, and the potential side effects of herbal medicines.
  • Refine research skills. Enhance search queries in TRC Healthcare’s authoritative Natural Medicines database, an exhaustive, searchable library that covers over 1,400 natural medicine monographs and rates more than 185,000 commercial products.

Easy to Use.

RxAdvanced: Guide to Natural Medicines is offered in a convenient online format that combines written and video content plus a built-in progress tracker to let you pick up training wherever you pause. Coursework can be completed 24/7, in small increments, in any order. Pharmacists get 11 hours of ACPE-accredited CE upon completion. Regular updates keep you current with new science that can inform your practice and patient care.

What to Expect from RxAdvanced: Guide to Natural Medicines.

The 11-hour program contains the following components:

A general introduction to natural medicines and course content. Survey the integrative medicine landscape, systems of medicine, alternative therapies, U.S. regulations related to natural medicines, types of natural medicines, and sourcing and formulation of natural medicines.

Safety. Explore safe use of natural medicines, including information specific to pregnancy, breastfeeding, geriatrics, pediatrics, and interactions with prescription drugs.

Prevent and treat nutrient deficiencies. Discover which ingredients enhance or interfere with the absorption of nutrients and medications. Detect prescription and over-the-counter medications that can deplete certain nutrients in the body.

An overview of TRC Healthcare’s Natural Medicines database. Continue learning after you complete the course with sophisticated search skills that help you locate current clinical research about natural medicines, dietary supplements, and alternative therapies.

Other Topics Include:

  • Natural Medicines for Weight Loss and Athletic Performance
  • Natural Medicines for Endocrinology
  • Natural Medicines for Neurology
  • Natural Medicines for Psychiatry
  • Natural Medicines for Gastroenterology

Bring RxAdvanced: Guide to Natural Medicines to Your Pharmacists.
As alternative therapies gain respect among healthcare providers, pharmacists need evidence-based, clinical expertise they can share. We’re here to help pharmacists continue learning about natural medicines and supplements.


RxAdvanced is currently only available for group subscriptions. Individual subscriptions will be available in early 2022.