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RxAdvanced: Opioid Stewardship

Pharmacies are influential links for safe, appropriate use of opioid prescriptions, yet many lack adequate internal expertise to implement effective opioid stewardship. Empower your team of pharmacists to deliver expert opioid management with RxAdvanced: Opioid Stewardship, a 12-hour, ACPE-accredited training program in opioid stewardship.

TRC Healthcare created this online, evidence-based training program to share relevant science and industry standards that can help pharmacies achieve better health outcomes, fewer adverse effects, and improved pain management for patients.

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What to Expect from RxAdvanced: Opioid Stewardship

Pharmacists who complete this training program advance their knowledge of best practices in opioid stewardship. Each of the 11 self-guided courses range from 30 to 90 minutes in length. Our engaging interactive format allows pharmacists to complete their work in short intervals and access the training any time of day.

In this 11-part program, your pharmacists will learn:

  • Practical application of optimal opioid stewardship
  • The latest clinical research in opioid management
  • Tools for making better pain management decisions
  • Essential elements of setting up an effective opioid stewardship program
  • How to strengthen your pharmacy’s readiness to address complicated care and adverse events
  • Effective ways to collaborate with a range of patients to manage pain
  • Techniques and guidelines that can reduce opioid risks and improve follow-up care

Your Guide to RxAdvanced: Opioid Stewardship

  • Foundations in Pain Assessment, Expectations, and Multimodal Analgesia (1.5 Hours): Identify optimal pain assessment tools for certain patients or situations. Learn individual factors that shape a multimodal approach to pain management.
  • The Case for Opioid Stewardship (.5 Hour): Explore how opioid drugs became a public health crisis. Shares steps pharmacists can take to ensure safe use of opioids.
  • Getting Started: Helpful Resources for Implementing a Stewardship Program (1 Hour): Study step-by-step processes for setting up an opioid stewardship program.
  • Leveraging Data, IT, and Clinical Decision Support in Opioid Stewardship (1 Hour): Learn to track, share, and analyze data in support of appropriate opioid use.
  • Opioid Conversions and Equianalgesic Dosing (1 Hour): Learn how to accurately calculate opioid dose conversions for a wide range of clinical scenarios.
  • Managing Pain: Unique Patients, Palliative Care, and the Emergency Department (1 Hour): Explore pain management strategies and considerations for patients with acute pain and/or complicating factors.
  • Acute Pain Management in Opioid Tolerant Patients (1 Hour): Covers optimal pain management for hospitalized patients who have become tolerant of opioids through their experience with chronic pain.
  • Opioid-Related Adverse Drug Events (ORADEs) in the Hospital Setting (1.5 Hours): Gain expertise in preventing and managing adverse events or side effects related to opioid use.
  • Perioperative Pain Management (1.5 Hours): Learn to manage the unique pain that accompanies surgical procedures.
  • Patients with Opioid Use Disorder (1 Hour): Develop understanding of opioid use disorder (OUD) pathophysiology, treatment, withdrawal, and psychosocial interventions in a variety of patients.
  • Transitions of Care in Pain Management (1 Hour): Learn how to get hospitalized patients with chronic and/or postoperative pain ready for discharge.


Prepare Your Pharmacists for Safer Management of Opioid Prescriptions

When you build and follow a well-defined opioid stewardship program, your pharmacy shows its commitment to patient-focused care. Whether you’re establishing a program for the first time or giving your existing program a boost, the RxAdvanced: Opioid Stewardship training program can help your pharmacy meet its goals. This instruction brings pharmacists the skills they need to set guidelines, policies, and workflows that promote better management of opioid prescriptions.

Key Benefits of RxAdvanced: Opioid Stewardship

Enhanced clinical expertise. Pharmacists are trained to recognize risks for adverse effects from opioid prescriptions and better equipped to plan and influence safe, effective pain management for a wide range of patients.

Better patient care. When you establish programs, processes, and guidelines linked to opioid prescriptions, your pharmacy can reduce errors and help patients achieve better health with fewer adverse events or side effects.

Relevant knowledge. Our concise online format covers recent opioid research that applies to pharmacists who practice in an institutional pharmacy setting.

Verify skills. Assess and confirm opioid and pain management expertise across your pharmacy team with built-in skill checks.

Decrease training costs. Leverage economical training—with pricing options for your organization’s size—to keep pharmacists updated with the latest opioid research and best practices, reducing expensive in-house training development costs.

Improve Opioid Stewardship. Learn how you can take opioid stewardship to the next level of excellence in your pharmacy.


RxAdvanced is currently only available for group subscriptions. Individual subscriptions will be available in early 2022.