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RxAdvanced: Sterile Compounding 

In partnership with CriticalPoint

Today’s pharmacies need advanced knowledge of safe sterile compounding procedures, yet many pharmacists begin their careers with only rudimentary preparation for this important aspect of patient care. With in-depth sterile compounding training, pharmacists can be confident leaders of continuous process improvement and position your pharmacy to meet high standards for patient safety. RxAdvanced: Sterile Compounding is a comprehensive training program that prepares pharmacists to improve sterile compounding practices.

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What to Expect from RxAdvanced: Sterile Compounding

This training program helps pharmacies build strong teams that are fully competent with sterile compounding procedures. Developed by trusted pharmacy experts at TRC Healthcare and CriticalPoint, this robust, 12-hour series of interactive courses is available online 24/7.

In this 12-part program, your pharmacists will learn:

  • Acquire comprehensive, hands-on skills for writing and implementing effective standard operating procedures (SOPs) that protect patients
  • Master best practices in critical aspects of sterile compounding
  • Gain expertise that helps your institutional pharmacy anticipate and respond to requirements set by state inspections, accreditation standards, and other forms of compliance such as USP <797>


Your Guide to RxAdvanced: Sterile Compounding

  • History of Sterile Compounding 1 hour): Learn the unique roles played by the USP and FDA, and discover how compounding guidelines and regulatory requirements impact a pharmacist’s daily work.
  • Determining Beyond-Use Dating (1 hour): Explore the immediate use provisions in USP <797>.
  • Quality Releases and Final Checks for Sterile Compounding (1 hour): Understand USP <797> standards for release inspections and testing.
  • USP <797> CSP Handling: Staging Through Transport (1 hour): Know requirements for labeling compounded sterile preparations, including when and how to position and adhere labels to the final CSP.
  • Master Formulation and Compounding Records for Sterile Compounding (1 hour): Covers the steps pharmacies should take to develop and implement compounding documentation in compliance with USP <797>.
  • Standard Operating Procedures for Sterile Compounding (1 hour): Examines what makes a functional, USP <797>-compliant standard operating procedure, including SOP content, format, and controls.
  • General Elements of Documentation for Sterile Compounding (1 hour): Explores the purpose and characteristics of USP <797> documentation, elements of good documentation, and what makes an effective form.
  • Use of Equipment and Integrating Technology for Sterile Compounding (1 hour): Reviews how to use, setup, calibrate, and clean gravimetric and volumetric automated compounding devices (ACDs).
  • Quality Management of Sterile Compounding (1 hour): Covers the requirements of a quality management system for pharmaceutical compounding.
  • Best Practices for USP <797> Material Handling (1 hour): Studies the USP Chapter <797> (2019) requirements as well as CriticalPoint best practices for material-handling activities that occur before and after compounding.
  • Aseptic Technique and Conduct for Sterile Compounding (1 hour): Covers proper conduct in ISO-controlled sterile compounding environments.
  • Best Practices for Mixing outside of ISO Classified Conditions (USP <797>) (1 hour): Reviews best practices for infection-prevention, hand hygiene, garbing, material handling, cleaning, and aseptic techniques for compounding that occurs outside of ISO 5 conditions.



Key Benefits of RxAdvanced: Sterile Compounding

Deepen operational knowledge. Built-in checklists and rubrics help pharmacists strengthen the functional and administrative aspects of documenting high standards for sterile compounding procedures and processes.

Enhance patient safety. Respond to the growing demand for sterile compounded preparations with training that guards the health of your patients.

Elevate compliance readiness. When you invest in thorough sterile compounding training, your pharmacy is better prepared to adapt quickly to regulatory changes that affect pharmacy operations both now and in the future.

Improve staff competency. Bridge any gaps between your pharmacy team’s clinical and operational knowledge of sterile compounding by increasing pharmacists’ confidence with routine tasks and procedures, such as labeling, transferring materials, and visual inspection.


Elevate sterile compounding competency.

Prepare your pharmacists to apply best practices in sterile compounding with our comprehensive training program.



RxAdvanced is currently only available for group subscriptions. Individual subscriptions will be available in early 2022.