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RxAdvanced: Anticoagulation Management

CE Credits: 12 Hours | Course Expiration: September 30, 2025
Price: $199

Patients who receive anticoagulant therapies rely on well-trained healthcare experts to assess, monitor, and manage their treatments. That makes anticoagulation management a critical area of practice for pharmacists. Many hospital and institutional pharmacies recognize the need to invest in training to help pharmacists develop advanced knowledge of anticoagulants, especially for complex regimens that are necessary to treat or prevent acute and chronic conditions.

TRC Healthcare offers RxAdvanced: Anticoagulation Management as a comprehensive training program to prepare pharmacists for their integral role in anticoagulation medication management.

Access to this program is valid for 12 months from date of purchase. Courses must be completed before access expires.

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What to Expect from RxAdvanced: Anticoagulation Management

Today’s pharmacists are responsible for managing anticoagulant therapies for patients with a wide range of health conditions and risk factors. Evolving guidelines and new treatments for patients who need blood thinners make it crucial for pharmacists to stay current.

RxAdvanced: Anticoagulation Management provides pharmacists with the skills and confidence they need to practice in demanding healthcare settings, often as part of multidisciplinary teams.

This 12-hour, ACPE-accredited training program is available in a 24/7, online format favored by busy pharmacists who appreciate self-guided studies. Participants interact with robust, evidence-based content offered in short, digestible segments.

Assembled by practicing pharmacists with advanced expertise in anticoagulation pharmaceutical care, each course focuses on an essential aspect of managing care for patients at high risk for blood clotting disorders.

In this 13-part program, pharmacists will:

  • Explore the key elements of anticoagulation management
  • Identify strategies for compliance with national standards
  • Examine how to choose treatments based on a patient’s risks and health conditions
  • Learn how to prevent and respond to adverse events
  • Review authoritative medical research that pertains to anticoagulant therapies
  • Acquire in-depth understanding of reversal strategies and appropriate anticoagulant recommendations for patients with special conditions


Course Curriculum

Overview of Anticoagulants
The hospital pharmacist’s introduction to the dosing, monitoring, drug interactions, pharmacokinetics, indications, and clinical data for parenteral and oral anticoagulants utilized in the United States.
ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3172-H01-P
CE Credit:
1 Hour

Anticoagulant Stewardship: Program Development and Interventions
Learn about the importance of anticoagulation stewardship and initiatives that may be incorporated into clinical practice.
ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3173-H01-P
CE Credit: .5 Hour

NPSG Anticoagulation: Overview and Strategies for Compliance
Review The Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals for Anticoagulation and compare to prior iterations. Identify potential strategies for becoming compliant with these goals.
ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3174-H01-P
CE Credit: .5 Hour

Anticoagulation for Atrial Fibrillation and Other Atrial Arrhythmias
Review the basics of anticoagulation for atrial fibrillations, including how to quantify stroke risk, anticoagulant choice based on other clinical factors, and anticoagulation management in the setting of direct current cardioversion or arrhythmia ablation.
ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3175-H01-P
CE Credit: 1 Hour

Thrombolytic Therapy for Pulmonary Embolism and Acute Ischemic Stroke
Review thrombolytic agents and learn how to provide guidance on dosing, indications, and contraindications for both pulmonary embolism and acute ischemic stroke.
ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3176-H01-P
CE Credit: 1 Hour

Anticoagulation in Valvular Heart Disease
Increase your knowledge to choose anticoagulants and identify thrombotic and bleeding risk in the setting of heart failure, as well as temporary and durable mechanical circulatory support.
ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3177-H01-P
CE Credit: 1 Hour

Anticoagulation in Heart Failure and Mechanical Circulatory Support
Learn how to choose anticoagulants and identify thrombotic and bleeding risk in the setting of heart failure, as well as temporary and durable mechanical circulatory support.
ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3178-H01-P
CE Credit: 1 Hour

Management of Heparin-induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT)
Apply and interpret clinical scoring tools and laboratory assays, and learn how to manage various phases of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) in the general population and in cardiac surgery, specifically.
ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3179-H01-P
CE Credit: 1 Hour

Periprocedural Anticoagulation Management
Review peri-surgical and periprocedural management of anticoagulation, including when patients should be bridged with parenteral anticoagulation, and how long oral anticoagulants should be held.
ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3180-H01-P
CE Credit: 1 Hour

Strategies for VTE Prophylaxis and Considerations in Special Populations
Differentiate VTE prophylaxis strategies (risk assessment, choice of anticoagulant, etc.) and be introduced to special considerations, dosing, and supporting data in unique populations, including pregnancy, orthopedic patients, trauma patients, patients with indwelling neuraxial anesthesia/peripheral nerve catheters (i.e., epidural catheters), extremes of weight, and cancer.
ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3181-H01-P
CE Credit: 1 Hour

Anticoagulation Reversal
Learn about indications for anticoagulation reversal, as well as appropriate anticoagulation reversal strategies for anticoagulants with and without available antidotes.
ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3182-H01-P
CE Credit: 1 Hour

Anticoagulation in Special Populations Part 1
Apply the use of anticoagulation in special populations, including patients with antiphospholipid syndrome, cancer, and those pregnant or breast feeding.
ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3183-H01-P
CE Credit: 1 Hour

Anticoagulation in Special Populations Part 2
Examine the use of anticoagulation in extremes of weight and renal dysfunction.
ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3184-H01-P
CE Credit: 1 Hour


Key Benefits of RxAdvanced: Anticoagulation Management

Concise, authoritative format. Our easy-to-access, research-dense training consolidates a comprehensive body of knowledge that prepares pharmacists to monitor and consult on medication management for patients.

Better patient care. Pharmacists can have a significant impact on patient outcomes when they learn to manage these therapies. Pharmacist-managed anticoagulation programs can offer better control, fewer bleeding and thromboembolic events, and decreased use of healthcare systems—ensuring the correct therapy is given to the right patient at the right time and dosage.

Increased efficiency. Pharmacists who complete this training bring competence, confidence, and efficiency to their organizations, reducing the time required by the healthcare team to check and adjust dosages, and make appropriate treatment decisions for patients who require blood thinners.

State-of-the-art expertise. Pharmacists who take the training study regularly updated content that reflects progress in anticoagulant therapy. We give pharmacists tools they need to evaluate each patient and deliver optimal care based on proven science.


Refine anticoagulant therapy for patients at risk for blood clotting disorders.

Highly skilled pharmacists play a key role in caring for complicated patients who require anticoagulant therapies. Enhance competency with RxAdvanced: Anticoagulation Management.

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