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Educate About Monkeypox…and Limit Misinformation

Debunking Activated Charcoal Claims

  • Pain Point: Activated charcoal is a mainstay for the treatment of poisoning and overdose in the ED, but there is growing interest in its casual use for various other purposes. Healthcare professionals should be prepared to counsel patients on the use of these supplements.
  • Solution: A recent survey found that more than 25% of people with celiac disease had heard that activated charcoal could be helpful for accidental gluten intake, and almost half of those people actually tried it. Similarly, there is growing interest in taking activated charcoal for hangovers or after excessive alcohol use. Our Natural Medicines article explains why activated charcoal would not be expected to provide benefits for either purpose and would instead introduce the risk of major drug interactions.

We also feature our Natural Medicines Resources Hub with recent updates that include articles about probiotics and information on whether or not Natural Medicines help with milk supply, and new CE on commonly abused supplements. Next month, we’re celebrating American Pharmacists Month, so be sure to check out our exciting giveaway! And, check out the latest on-demand webinar about how to address the pharmacy technician shortage, and review the most popular charts for September.

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