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Discuss the First Med for COVID-19 Post-Exposure Prophylaxis

  • Pain Point: Regen-COV (casirivimab/imdevimab) is now authorized for post-exposure prophylaxis for COVID-19. There’s a lot of buzz about using this injectable monoclonal antibody combo to prevent COVID-19 following an exposure, especially with cases on the rise. The PREP Act has also been amended to grant pharmacists the authority to order and administer Regen-COV and other FDA-authorized, approved, licensed, or cleared COVID-19 therapeutics. It also authorizes pharmacy interns and pharmacy technicians to administer these COVID-19 therapeutics.
  • Solution: Our Hospital Pharmacist’s Letter, Hospital Pharmacy Technician’s Letter, Pharmacist’s Letter, Pharmacy Technician’s Letter, and Prescriber’s Letter articles describe which patients are eligible, dosage and administration facts, required monitoring, etc. Information needed to help patients make an informed decision, and to update Regen-COV protocols to include post-exposure prophylaxis, is provided in our algorithm, “Mabs” for COVID-19. Our chart, Treatments of Interest for COVID-19, outlines additional details, including the new evidence supporting the indication.

This month’s Insights also features RxAdvanced which offers affordable, relevant training programs for pharmacists in critical subjects to help them keep pace and practice with confidence. And don’t miss out on our most popular charts for September, as well as the latest COVID-19 resources that are available. You’ll also get details on freshly released CE/CME courses, and can’t-miss webinars.

New CE courses include:

  • Pain Management without Opioids
  • Human Trafficking Awareness in the Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy Essential Updates

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