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New Monograph: What is Psilocybin?

  • Pain Point: The psychedelic industry has seen unprecedented growth this year, and psilocybin – the psychedelic chemical found in magic mushrooms – is getting most of the attention. There is a lot of speculation about its possible benefits for mental health, but there are also concerns about its safety.
  • Solution: We recently published a new monograph for psilocybin in Natural Medicines. Our article summarizes the most relevant information found in that monograph. There is a growing amount of research on the use of psilocybin for depression, addiction, anxiety, and more. While this research suggests it may be beneficial for some people, the risks with use, which include hallucinations, nausea, paranoia, and others, cannot be ignored. In the article, we provide some insight into what we do and do not know about safety, including the potential impact of use in the “real world” versus a controlled research setting.

This month’s Insights also features our advanced pharmacist training program to help educate about pain management, RxAdvanced: Opioid Stewardship.

And don’t miss out on our most popular charts, as well as our new Immunizations Resources Hub, and latest COVID-19 resources that are available. You’ll also get details on freshly released CE/CME courses, and can’t-miss webinars.

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