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Simulated Patient Cases

QURE’s simulated patient cases document, measure, and provide feedback against evidence-based guidelines to improve clinical practice across multiple specialties including primary care, cardiology, oncology, hospital medicine, and more.

Built by Clinicians for Clinicians

Our team of doctors and data scientists developed QURE’s simulations to strategically target areas of clinical focus. All cases undergo extensive rounds of edits with the client to ensure accuracy and alignment with that organization’s practice and goals. As these are virtual patients, clients have complete control over their presentation and disease course.

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Continuous Measurement & Feedback


Personalized Feedback

CPV_Personalized Feedback
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Application for Payers and Providers

QURE’s simulated patient platform measures clinical practice against evidence-based guidelines and provides personalized feedback based on the clinician’s selections in addition to ranking them against their peers.

The clinicians complete weekly cases that are administered in four sessions over the course of a year and includes testing of initial workup, triage, diagnosis, treatment, and follow up skills. Cases take 30 minutes or less to complete and can be done on a phone, tablet, or computer.

QURE Care Transformation
Laboratory, Life Science

Life Science Application

For our life science clients, this may take the form of a randomized controlled trial:

Round 1: Demonstrates the existing variability and practice gaps in diagnosis and treatment of a condition of interest.

Round 2: Demonstrates difference in diagnosis and/or treatment for intervention arm(s) given access to new life-science product.

QURE Clinical Utility

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QURE Clinical Utility

  • Accelerate bringing new products to market
  • Provide evidence of clinical utility
  • Reduce costs and time associated with patient recruitment
  • Links behavior change and intervention impact directly to patient outcomes

QURE Care Transformation

  • Reduces variation in clinical practice
  • Serially measures and delivers evidence-based feedback
  • Improve performance on quality measures