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TRC Healthcare is committed to supporting clinical teams during the COVID-19 pandemic. The following new and updated articles and clinical resources are now available at the COVID-19 Resource Hub:

  • Article: Familiarize Yourself with COVID-19 Tests and How to Interpret Results
  • Article: Help Navigate COVID-19 Misinformation
  • Article: Inpatient COVID-19 Treatments
  • Article: Managing Skin Irritation Due to Handwashing
  • Article: COVID-19 Antibody Testing and Biotin Interference
  • Article: COVID-19 and Quarantine-Related Weight Gain
  • Chart: COVID-19 and Pharmacotherapy (Updated 6/24/20)
  • Chart: PPE-Related Skin Irritation
  • Chart: Strategies for Surviving Fatigue
  • Chart: COVID-19 Testing FAQs (Updated 6/24/20)
  • Pharmacist/Pharmacy Technician CE Course: Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic in Pharmacy Practice

Check back for updates – the TRC editorial teams will continue providing updates, recommendations, and helpful resources to support you and your clinical teams throughout the pandemic.

Visit the COVID-19 Resource Hub now for all the latest complimentary resources for you and your colleagues.