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Listen as nationally-recognized sterile compounding education leader Eric Kastango, BS Pharm, MBA, FASHP defines hazardous drugs and outlines the requirements for their handling, storage, and compounding in order to be in compliance with USP <800>. It is intended for compounding pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in any setting.

Tuesday, September 17th, 8 PM Eastern / 5 PM Eastern

Upon completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  1. List the major elements of USP <800>.
  2. Differentiate the standards that are in USP <800> from those in <795> and <797>.
  3. Describe the effects of exposure to hazardous drugs on healthcare staff who handle hazardous drugs.
  4. Identify resources regarding hazardous drug practice.
  5. Describe the major best practices and guidelines related to hazardous drug compounding.

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