NatMed Pro – The Most Comprehensive Reference Resource for Natural Medicines and Complementary Therapies 

Natural medicines and integrative therapies have become a popular way to promote good health and quality of life. People count on clinicians to guide them toward safe, effective choices based on credible research. TRC Healthcare created NatMed Pro as an exhaustive resource library and database to help clinicians answer questions about dietary supplements and complementary therapies.

What to Expect from TRC Healthcare’s NatMed Pro

NatMed Pro is the industry’s most comprehensive library of knowledge about dietary supplements and natural medicines​. This online tool curates evidenced-based research from unbiased, peer-reviewed sources to help you share informed guidance on integrative therapies.

NatMed Pro is designed to serve a wide range of clinicians in various settings, from pharmacies and hospitals, to libraries and universities.

NatMed Pro provides access to valuable built-in tools.

  • Interaction Checker. Detect drug-supplement interactions before they happen.
  • Safety Ratings. Review practical, standardized safety ratings by route of administration.
  • Pregnancy & Lactation Checker. Explore safety ratings related to use during pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  • Nutrient Depletion Checker. See which nutrients are depleted by prescription or over-the-counter medications, and evaluate risks by their clinical significance.
  • Effectiveness Ranking. Compare natural medicines from most to least effective for certain conditions.
  • Commercial Products Database. Access the most comprehensive dataset of natural products available on the market to determine which products to recommend or avoid.
  • Printable Patient Handouts. Help educate patients with consumer-friendly handouts, available in English, Spanish, and French.

Key Benefits

Improve Patient Care:

  • Offer sound guidance. Be a credible source of knowledge to help people choose natural products and dosages that are safe and effective for their health conditions and circumstances.
  • Respond in real-time. Query the industry’s most exhaustive, evidence-based library of peer-reviewed research to help you counsel patients or clients on a moment’s notice.
  • Support nutritional wellness. Identify medications and over-the-counter treatments that can deplete certain nutrients, and make educated recommendations that help people use dietary supplements safely.
  • Bypass advertising hype. Search over 1400 natural medicine monographs to find evidence-based analysis by credible, unbiased sources.

Build Professional Competency:

  • Stay current. As new studies reveal novel discoveries, you’ll stay current on the pros and cons of natural medicines, integrative therapies, and complementary modalities to support your patients.
  • Fill in knowledge gaps. Pharmacists and other clinicians with minimal training in vitamins, supplements, and herbal remedies can use the database to improve their knowledge.
  • Conduct better intake interviews and discharge counseling. Avoid preventable medical errors and readmissions by checking for potential interactions.

Leverage the Industry’s Most Authoritative Resource on Natural Medicines & Integrative Therapies With Full Access To NatMed Pro.

Additional Natural Medicines Solutions

NatMed Advisor – For Quick Access To NatMed Content

NatMed Advisor is a mobile-friendly, bite-size access point for the extensive information in NatMed. NatMed Advisor is a great option for individual clinicians who just need the basics from a reliable, evidence-based source, or for organizations who want to provide patients access to approachable natural medicine resources that explain what works, what doesn’t, and why.

Learn more about NatMed Advisor.

NatMed API For Easily Integrating NatMed Data

Our flexible RESTful API is designed for seamless integration with your systems so your team can easily access the industry’s most authoritative natural medicines resource. When you integrate these reliable resources, your team is better prepared with robust, evidence-based information without having to leave their system.

Choose the power and flexibility of our NatMed API service to bring the NatMed content to your website or mobile app.

Commonly Used By

Community Pharmacist13 of the top 15 largest pharmacies and all of the top 12 regional chain drugstores in the U.S. rely on TRC Healthcare to keep their community pharmacists and pharmacy technicians current. NatMed Pro provides community pharmacy teams with evidence-based complementary therapy and natural medicine tools and resources to help prevent medication errors and improve patient care.

HospitalHospitals and health systems rely on NatMed Pro for clinician access to the most comprehensive natural medicines and supplements database in the market. Unlike traditional drug databases that have smaller, more limited alternative medicine libraries, NatMed Pro arms clinicians with tools to help them make informed, evidence-based decisions, and ensure drug and supplement interactions are caught ahead of time.

StudentNatMed Pro is used by schools of pharmacy and medicine to ensure that students and faculty have access to the most comprehensive natural medicines and supplements database in the market. Unlike traditional drug databases that have smaller, more limited natural medicine libraries, NatMed Pro arms students and healthcare professionals with tools to help them make informed, evidence-based decisions to improve patient care. 

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