Hospital Solutions
Medication Learning for improved patient care

Hospital Solutions

Effective medication management is essential to improving patient outcomes, transitions of care, and increasing HCAHP scores. Save time and reduce expenses with TRC’s concise, timely, and trustworthy drug therapy and medication management advice. Written by clinicians, TRC helps hospitals improve outcomes, prevent medication errors, and meet competency and compliance requirements.


TRC Hospital Solutions

Hospital Pharmacist’s Letter

Hospital pharmacists are on the front lines of improving patient outcomes. In order to drive quality and prevent readmissions, pharmacists need to stay current on new drugs, regulatory requirements, and high-risk medications.

Hospital Pharmacy Technician's Letter

Pharmacy technicians are a valuable part of the hospital pharmacy. Playing an important role in improving outcomes and driving quality, they juggle many responsibilities including med orders, prescribers, and patients.

Pharmacy Technicians University

Take the headache out of technician training and compliance with the No. 1 provider of distance learning for pharmacy technicians.

Hospital Prescriber’s Letter

Improve patient outcomes, enhance transitions of care, and increase HCAHP scores with unbiased, evidence-based drug therapy information from TRC. 

Natural Medicines

Millions of patients use natural medicine supplements and alternative treatments, but information resources are unreliable, anecdotal or don’t contain references. 

Nursing Solutions
Nurse's Letter
Nursing Solutions

Medication-related errors and readmissions cost hospitals billions every year. To reduce these costs, nurses need to stay current on new medications, updated guidelines and the best methods for patient communication.

Journal Club
Hospital Prescriber’s Letter Journal Club
Journal Club

Hospital prescriber's Letter Journal Club provides concise, summarized findings from the latest medication therapy literature for review and discussion.

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