Insights Newsletter July 2023: Emerging Trends for Clinical Leadership

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This month’s Insights Newsletter covers the latest practice-changing pharmacy updates, emerging trends, and natural medicines trending topics and resources. Are you ready for the new DSCSA guidelines effective November 2023? Be sure to check out the latest virtual compounding training schedule.

Insights Newsletter | July 2023

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Address Nonmedical Factors Impacting Care

Social determinants of health can drive about 80% of health outcomes versus about 20% for medical care. These environmental, socioeconomic, and behavioral factors are often overlooked. We provide strategies for building trust and helping patients prioritize what is most important to them. We review common screening tools that include questions about housing, education, and safety. In addition, helpful websites are provided so that you can search by zip code for services, such as where to find food or housing assistance, healthcare, or financial help. Read Newsletter

Astaxanthin: A Natural Sunscreen?

Astaxanthin is being touted as a natural skin protector. With temperatures soaring in summer months, providers may get questions from patients on how it can be used to beat the heat. We cover a small study that shows taking astaxanthin by mouth may prevent sunburn in some people. However, it must be noted that astaxanthin should always be used along with topical sunscreens. We also point to FDA guidance and warnings on oral products marketed as sunscreens. Read Newsletter

Drug Supply Chain Security Act New Guidelines

The Drug Store Chain Security Act (DSCSA) has recently introduced new guidelines, which will take full effect on November 27, 2023. These guidelines aim to offer direction for manufacturers, resellers, wholesale distributors, and dispensers. Learn More

Other Covered Topics

Check out our latest Medication Talk pharmacy podcast, and don’t forget to check out the upcoming CriticalPoint virtual compounding training schedule.

Insights Newsletter | July 2023

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