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Pharmacy Technicians University (PTU)

Pharmacy Technicians University (PTU) is the resource pharmacies trust to prepare pharmacy technicians for certification, improve retention, and provide continual career development.
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Best-In-Class Pharmacy Technician Training

Pharmacies that already face a lack of qualified technicians to keep their doors open are also confronted by ever-changing state regulations and national standards.

PTU helps pharmacies quickly train new and experienced technicians to meet these educational challenges. PTU is the first web-based learning and education solution to support training requirements across the U.S.

Pharmacies use PTU to facilitate and track hands-on learning in a convenient, online format that leverages a combination of technology and tools.

With flexible, tiered offerings to meet your diverse needs, PTU meets or exceeds technician training requirements nationwide. We offer a tailored curriculum for every practice setting packed with comprehensive, engaging, and highly effective content.

PTU Program Options

PTU Knowledge Assessment

PTU Knowledge Assessment

  • Quickly gauge technician competency. Knowledge Assessment can be completed in about 2 hours, consisting of 140 questions.
  • Onboard technicians faster. If they can pass the assessment, they can take the PTU final exam. If they pass the final exam, they won’t have to take the full PTU training.
  • Assesses skill and knowledge in over 10 categories. Identify strengths and weaknesses in areas including pharmacology, calculations, laws and regulations, anatomy, compounding, and more.
  • Leverages the support of PTU 101. Upon completion, the assessment will identify the specific areas that need support as each category is mapped to PTU courses.

What to Expect from PTU

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Convenient and cost-effective

courses that include real-world scenarios, instructor feedback, and rich media content.
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Practice skills with feedback

features that allow technicians to observe, practice, and demonstrate techniques.
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Motivating scenario simulations

contextualize active learning and problem-solving through real-world scenarios to enhance information transfer and recall for technicians.
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Engaging content

that includes interactive exercises, learning games, and videos are intermixed with didactic content to accommodate different learning styles.

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Support Technicians with PTU Elite

PTU Elite is a suite of trusted programs built to give pharmacies affordable, lifelong training solutions for experienced pharmacy technicians. Pharmacies of all sizes can use PTU Elite to attract and retain experienced pharmacy technicians, especially those who are interested in career development, higher levels of competency, growth opportunities, and advancement.

Available for purchase as standalone offerings, PTU Elite offerings focus on specific topic areas and are the perfect complement to Pharmacy Technicians University (PTU).

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Available PTU Elite Programs

PTU Elite: CSPT™ Training

  • Shorter Prep Time
  • High-Quality and Comprehensive
  • Commitment To Better Patient Care
  • Career Development and Retention

PTU Elite: Controlled Substances & Diversion

  • Strengthen Trust
  • Reduce Inventory Loss
  • Improve Public Health
  • Retain Employees

PTU Elite: Hazardous Drugs

  • PTCB-Recognized Hazardous Drug Management Education/Training Program
  • State-of-the-Art Program
  • Prioritize Safety
  • Engaging and Fun

PTU Elite: Immunizations

  • Strengthen Trust
  • Reduce Inventory Loss
  • Improve Public Health
  • Retain Employees

PTU Elite: Math Mastery

  • Calculations Specific to Community and Institutional Settings
  • Go Beyond the Workbook
  • Humanize Errors and Reduce Audits
  • Targeted Practice

PTU Elite: Point-of-Care Testing

  • Leverage Maximum Efficiency
  • Increase Revenue Streams
  • Elevate Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty
  • Improve Public Health

PTU Elite: Soft Skills

  • Enhance Patient Care
  • Improve Teamwork
  • Support Career Development

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