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PTU Elite Training

Designed exclusively for pharmacy technicians and their unique role in the pharmacy, PTU Elite programs help technicians advance their careers by developing essential competencies to enhance pharmacy practice. 

Available for purchase as standalone offerings, PTU Elite offerings focus on specific topic areas and are the perfect complement to Pharmacy Technicians University.

Pharmacy Technician

The PTU Elite suite of offerings includes:

  • PTU Elite: Immunizations
    Delivers comprehensive competency and skills-based training on immunization administration policies and procedures. Learn More >>
  • PTU Elite: CSPT™ Training
    Provides an efficient and affordable program to train PTCB-certified pharmacy technicians to pass the PTCB CSPT™ exam. Learn More >>
  • PTU Elite: Soft Skills
    Helps pharmacy technicians build and develop essential competencies that lead to safer, patient-centered care and improved staff retention.   Learn More >>
  • PTU Elite: Math Mastery
    Teaches pharmacy technicians in community and institutional settings essential and commonly-used calculations, including measurement conversions, dosages, quantities to dispense, days’ supply, dilutions, and more.  Learn More > >
  • PTU Elite: Hazardous Drugs
    Ensures pharmacy technicians practice safely by providing efficient, in-depth training and assessment tools for handling hazardous drugs to meet USP <800> requirements.  Learn More > >
  • PTU Elite: Point-of-Care Testing
    A comprehensive training program that prepares pharmacy technicians to improve pharmacy efficiency by performing point-of-care tests. Learn More > >

For and overview of all of the PTU Elite offerings, download info sheet here.

PTU Elite: Immunizations

Designed for the dynamic, fast-paced pharmacy industry, PTU Elite: Immunizations teaches pharmacy technicians how to execute your pharmacy’s unique immunization programs from beginning to end. The nation’s top pharmacies partner with TRC Healthcare to deliver high-quality, ACPE-accredited immunization training that supports federal and state requirements.

When you choose PTU Elite: Immunizations, your pharmacy technicians will complete highly-relevant courses that emphasize safety and proper technique. Training is succinct and up-to-date with the latest standards. Pharmacy technicians gain actionable knowledge that imparts skill and confidence. Built-in assessment tools help pharmacist immunizers verify each student’s skill.


  • Efficient: Prepare your pharmacy technicians to safely immunize patients with relevant, concise training.
  • Convenient: Avoid scheduling problems with self-guided, online content that can be completed incrementally with 24/7 access.
  • Customizable:  Adjust your training curriculum to match state-specific requirements, and augment it with your pharmacy’s policies and procedures.
  • Cost Effective: Limit training costs with flexible pricing, tailored to your organization’s size. Whether you have one site or many, your pharmacy technicians get in-depth immunization training at an affordable rate.
  • 360° Training: Give pharmacy technicians the expertise to handle every step in your immunization program — from start to finish. Go beyond teaching safe vaccination practices. Provide robust training that covers planning, billing, follow-up and other administrative steps that are necessary to your business.

Learn more: download the PTU Elite: Immunization program info sheet.

health professional prepping immunization
sterile compounding

PTU Elite: CSPT™ Training

The PTU Elite CSPT™ (Compounded Sterile Preparation Technician) Training program provides an efficient and affordable program to prepare PTCB-certified technicians to pass the PTCB CSPT™ exam. This new online exam training program includes didactic and simulation courses on the essential compounding knowledge standards, and is convenient, interactive, and easy to use.

Now, currently-practicing, nationally-certified pharmacy technicians can participate in the PTU Elite CSPT™ Training program, saving you money and saving your technicians time. Plus, you’ll be better prepared for Board of Pharmacy audits and reviews, and to demonstrate your commitment to quality, medication safety, and a higher level of patient care.

The program curriculum includes 27 didactic hours and 32 simulation hours. (See full curriculum list.)


  • Shorter Prep Time: Trainees who complete this PTCB-recognized program can sit for the CSPT™ exam with just 1 year of experience in compounded sterile preparation (versus the standard 3-year requirement)
  • High-Quality and Comprehensive: Curriculum aligned with PTCB’s high standards for CSPT™ certification; courses cover all relevant topics, including compliance for USP <797> and USP <800>
  • Top Pass Rates: PTU grads boast a 77% pass rate on the PTCE® exam – 20% higher than the national average

Learn more: download the PTU Elite: CSPT™ Training program info sheet.


PTU Elite: Soft Skills

This 11-didactic hour online solution, designed exclusively for the pharmacy technician role, helps technicians build and develop essential competencies that lead to safer, patient-centered care and improved staff retention.

With a focus on communication, empathy, leadership, conflict management, and teamwork, this online program combines practice-ready clinical resources with multimedia modules to foster harmonious, well-rounded pharmacy teams.

Interactive learning modules in each course make implementation of new skills easy, and include highly-relevant, concise, technician-specific information. Each student receives a certificate upon successful completion of the PTU Elite: Soft Skills program.


  • Enhance Patient Care: Technicians learn actionable communication tactics to defuse tense situations, acknowledge sensitive topics, and put patients at ease
  • Improve Teamwork: Technicians gain skills in collaboration, managing up, leadership, and more
  • Support Career Development: Investing in well-rounded technicians leads to lower turnover and higher job satisfaction

Learn more: download the PTU Elite: Soft Skills program info sheet.

PTU Elite: Soft Skills diagram
PTU Elite: Math Mastery - Community Pharmacy Program

PTU Elite: Math Mastery

The PTU Elite: Math Mastery program delivers efficient, online training to support mastery of essential and commonly-used calculations, increasing technicians’ confidence and reducing anxiety they may have around math.

Designed exclusively for technicians in community and retail pharmacies, the PTU Elite: Math Mastery program leverages engaging and dynamic content to build and strengthen math competencies via an interactive eLearning solution.

Interactive learning modules teach practical problem-solving approaches for common calculations such as: measurement conversions, quantities to dispense, dosages, days’ supply, dilutions, and more. Each student receives a certificate upon successful completion of the PTU Elite: Math Mastery program.


  • Go Beyond the Workbook: Lessons and quizzes are presented as interactive, realistic workflow scenarios, allowing for easy translation of skills into practical application
  • Humanize Errors and Reduce Audits: Incorrect answers include examples of how a similar miscalculation on the job could negatively impact patient safety or lead to unnecessary audits
  • Support Career Development: Building technicians’ confidence reduces turnover and improves job satisfaction.

Learn more: download the PTU Elite: Math Mastery program info sheet.

PTU Elite: Hazardous Drugs

In partnership with CriticalPoint, this exclusive program ensures your technicians practice safely by providing efficient, in-depth training and assessment tools for handling hazardous drugs to meet USP 800 requirements.

As a PTCB-Recognized Hazardous Drug Management Education/Training Program, your technicians may sit for the PTCB Hazardous Drug Management Exam upon completion of this program.

The program provides 4 comprehensive training courses that can be completed in 5 hours.



  • State-of-the-Art: Curriculum, training, and resources brought to you by industry-leading subject matter experts at CriticalPoint.
  • Prioritize Safety: All aspects of the training content are focused on enhancing safety measures, reducing harm, and mitigating risk.
  • Engaging and Fun: The self-paced, interactive format makes it easy and enjoyable to learn, from novice to experienced pharmacy technician compounders.
man in lab handling hazardous drugs
senior female pharmacist teaching three pharmacy techs

PTU Elite: Point-of-Care Testing

PTU Elite: Point-of-Care Testing is a comprehensive training program that prepares pharmacy technicians to improve pharmacy efficiency by performing point-of-care tests.

This 10-hour online training gives your pharmacy technicians total mastery of the necessary skills to administer and process tests safely, identify candidates for testing, and complete vital administrative tasks.


  • Leverage the full capacity of your pharmacy staff. Successful pharmacies augment access to healthcare in their communities by training all staff members, including pharmacy technicians, for optimal performance and results.
  • Increase revenue streams. When customers choose to have tests performed in your pharmacy, they may spend more time in your store and increase sales in your pharmacy.
  • Elevate customer satisfaction and loyalty. Qualified pharmacy technicians will be trained to have meaningful conversations with customers about routine, sometimes spontaneous tests that can be done at your pharmacy, offering patients the convenience of getting results where they already shop.
  • Improve public health. Many health conditions are asymptomatic until patients are seriously ill. Your pharmacy technicians will learn to help the healthcare team detect disease early so that patients can be referred to their primary care provider for treatment.

Click to Learn More>>

Download Point-of-Care Testing info sheet for more information.


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