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PTU Elite: Controlled Substances & Diversion​

Pharmacies across the nation are responding with care and urgency to the pervasive misuse and diversion of controlled substances. With 10 to 15 percent of healthcare workers affected by substance use disorders and a national opioid crisis that impedes public health and well-being, pharmacies need well-trained pharmacy technicians who can play a key role in their controlled substance diversion prevention programs (CSDPP).

The PTU Elite: Controlled Substances & Diversion program is a concise yet thorough training designed to help pharmacy technicians identify and prevent the diversion of controlled substances. When you choose TRC Healthcare to deliver training on best practices for controlled substance dispensing and diversion prevention, your pharmacy technicians will learn relevant strategies that uphold regulatory requirements, improve inventory control, reduce unnecessary costs, strengthen processes, and minimize your pharmacy’s exposure to liabilities and legal action.

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What to Expect of PTU Elite: Controlled Substances & Diversion​

Created by pharmacy experts who know your workplace, the PTU Elite: Controlled Substances & Diversion program is a convenient and engaging training resource that gives pharmacy technicians essential knowledge of controlled substances and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) requirements.

  • 24/7 access. Students progress at their own pace at any time of day in this self-guided, online program.
  • A dynamic, interactive format. Multimedia modules let students learn and test their knowledge with engaging practice exercises at frequent intervals.
  • Cost-effective pricing. Our flexible pricing is structured to accommodate all pharmacies.
  • Ease of use. Participants learn in short, manageable segments that suit a busy workplace.
  • Practice-ready clinical resources. After they’ve completed the program, pharmacy technicians have access to printable PDF documents that help them refresh and apply their knowledge.

The PTU Elite: Controlled Substances & Diversion program prepares pharmacy technicians to manage controlled substances, covering everything from best practices for filling prescriptions to recordkeeping. Focused specifically on the pharmacy technician’s role within the healthcare team, the program emphasizes a range of practical skills, such as:

  • Following requirements for managing inventory, dispensing, recordkeeping, and disposal
  • Spotting “red flags” for diversion when restocking inventory
  • Recognizing fraudulent prescriptions
  • Identifying suspicious activity or product tampering
  • Handling a robbery or theft
  • Detecting and improving processes that are vulnerable to diversion
  • Using security control measures to detect and prevent diversion
  • Identifying impaired coworkers and following appropriate procedures

 This four-hour, online program shares essential knowledge pharmacy technicians can apply in any pharmacy setting. Pharmacy technicians who complete the training will:

  • Become skilled stewards who can deter, detect, and respond to the diversion of medications
  • Refresh existing knowledge of controlled substance best practices, and regulations that govern procurement, prescribing, administration, and chain of custody
  • Get familiar with surveillance and investigation practices, DEA requirements, and strategies that prevent controlled substance diversion
  • Add skills that prepare them to attain a Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Controlled Substances Diversion Prevention Certificate

Key Benefits

Strengthen trust. An expert pharmacy technician who understands the legal and economic stakes of diverted or misused controlled substances can help your pharmacy avoid costly audits, investigations, lawsuits and other legal actions that compromise your pharmacy’s reputation in the community.

Reduce inventory loss. Trim unnecessary costs and improve your bottom line by empowering your pharmacy technicians to follow the motto, “If you see something, say something,” to prevent theft or diversion of controlled substances.

Improve public health. Pharmacy technicians who are trained to identify and prevent diversion can help reduce the negative social, physical, and economic impacts of drug misuse.

 Retain employees. Encourage job satisfaction and professional growth with educational opportunities that allow your pharmacy technicians to advance their careers and contribute as valuable members of the healthcare team.

Lifelong Learning and Career Advancement for Pharmacy Technicians

PTU Elite: Controlled Substances & Diversion is part of a robust library of TRC Healthcare training that supports learning for pharmacy technicians at every stage in their career development.

Other programs include:

  • PTU Elite: CSPT® Exam Preparation
  • PTU Elite: Hazardous Drugs
  • PTU Elite: Immunizations
  • PTU Elite: Math Mastery
  • PTU Elite: Point-of-Care Testing
  • PTU Elite: Soft Skills

Become part of the solution to controlled substance misuse and diversion when you offer PTU Elite: Controlled Substances & Diversion for pharmacy technicians.

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