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PTU Elite: CSPT™ Training

The PTU Elite CSPT™ (Compounded Sterile Preparation Technician) Training program provides an efficient and affordable program to prepare PTCB-certified technicians to pass the PTCB CSPT™ exam. This new online exam training program includes didactic and simulation courses on the essential compounding knowledge standards, and is convenient, interactive, and easy to use.

Now, currently-practicing, nationally-certified pharmacy technicians can participate in the PTU Elite CSPT™ Training program, saving you money and saving your technicians time. Plus, you’ll be better prepared for Board of Pharmacy audits and reviews, and to demonstrate your commitment to quality, medication safety, and a higher level of patient care.

The program curriculum includes 27 didactic hours and 32 simulation hours. (See full curriculum list.)

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  • Shorter Prep Time: Trainees who complete this PTCB-recognized program can sit for the CSPT™ exam with just 1 year of experience in compounded sterile preparation (versus the standard 3-year requirement)
  • High-Quality and Comprehensive: Curriculum aligned with PTCB’s high standards for CSPT™ certification; courses cover all relevant topics, including compliance for USP <797> and USP <800>
  • Top Pass Rates: PTU grads boast a 77% pass rate on the PTCE® exam – 20% higher than the national average

Learn more: download the PTU Elite: CSPT™ Training program info sheet.

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