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PTU Elite: Immunizations Trains Experienced Pharmacy Technicians to Deliver Vaccines

Americans have been visiting their local pharmacies for information and advice for over a century, and with the arrival of vaccines for COVID-19, the role of the local pharmacy is mission critical. In many states, pharmacies depend on collaborations between certified pharmacy technicians and licensed pharmacists to administer immunizations in communities.

In support of pharmacists’ and pharmacy technicians’ important work to improve population health through immunization, TRC Healthcare introduces PTU Elite: Immunizations, a comprehensive ACPE-accredited immunization training program designed to prepare certified pharmacy technicians to give vaccinations safely and expertly.

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The PTU Elite Difference

Created by experts at TRC Healthcare — a recognized leader in high-quality, online training and professional development solutions for new and experienced pharmacy technicians — PTU Elite: Immunizations adds value to your pharmacy with exclusive features.

  • Engaging. Pharmacy technicians learn highly-relevant content in an interactive, online format that keeps them engaged. Our in-depth content isn’t just a slide presentation; it leads students through tasks and activities that hold attention and accommodate different learning styles.
  • Comprehensive. When students finish the curriculum, you can be certain they are ready to perform every aspect of immunization — from start to finish. PTU Elite: Immunizations doesn’t just skim the surface; it prepares pharmacy technicians to immunize patients safely and covers essential operational tasks.
  • Practical. Students walk away from coursework better prepared for the dynamic, real-world scenarios they face each day. Not only do they learn the tactical and administrative parts of giving immunizations; they learn best practices for dealing with reactions, communicating with patients, reducing errors, protecting themselves and patients, and other skills that make them more effective in your pharmacy. Coursework comes with printable reminders, checklists, and rubrics technicians can use to increase accuracy and efficiency at work.

What to Expect of PTU Elite: Immunizations Training

TRC Healthcare’s expert team creates succinct content and keeps it updated to the latest standards, so you can be sure pharmacy technicians are current. Our flexible training program adjusts to meet your pharmacy’s needs with six hours of self-paced, online study and four hours of supervised skill assessment by a certified pharmacist immunizer.

The program consists of a series of online courses, simulations and skill assessments, covering the full range of competency. Your pharmacy technicians will master skills needed to successfully administer vaccines — from preparing patients, to completing your pharmacy’s administrative protocols.

Key Benefits

Efficient. Save time by preparing pharmacy technicians to safely immunize patients with relevant content. Training is thorough, yet concise — and it’s available online 24/7.

Convenient. Self-guided, online study helps pharmacies meet the challenge of scheduling pharmacy technicians for training. Students can complete the training when it’s most convenient.

Cost-effective. Limit training costs with flexible pricing, tailored to your organization’s size. Whether you have one site or many, your pharmacy technicians get in-depth immunization training at an affordable rate.

360° training. Give pharmacy technicians the expertise to handle every step in your immunization program — from start to finish. Go beyond the basics of safe vaccination practices. Use PTU Elite: Immunizations to achieve real-world competency, with robust coverage of planning, billing, follow-up and other administrative tasks that are necessary to your business.

Beyond Immunization Training

PTU Elite: Immunizations joins a suite of trusted programs built to help pharmacies provide affordable, lifelong training solutions for experienced pharmacy technicians.

TRC Healthcare partners with pharmacies to meet training needs at every stage of a pharmacy technician’s career, including:

  • Prepping new pharmacy technicians to achieve certification
  • Helping experienced pharmacy technicians gain advanced skills
  • Equipping pharmacy technicians with ACPE-accredited CE that verifies competency in key areas

Retain the Best Pharmacy Technicians Through Career Development

Opportunities to grow, to advance, and to achieve higher levels of competency are not just perks. Many pharmacy technicians expect to receive career development and training as a condition of their employment. PTU Elite training supports pharmacies that aim to attract and retain high-performing pharmacy technicians. Your pharmacy can leverage our highly-specialized, authoritative coursework to develop pharmacy technicians, promote job satisfaction, and ensure success.

Learn how you can bring online immunization training and certification prep to your pharmacy technicians.

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