RxAdvanced Hospital Pharmacy Competency Training

Hospital pharmacy competency training is essential to Joint Commission compliance and healthcare safety, but it can be time-consuming and costly to administer, especially without good tracking and evaluation tools. Whether you buy or create content, your hospital pharmacy may struggle to provide pharmacists with training that covers all bases.

Introducing RxAdvanced: a fresh take on hospital pharmacy competency training from the most trusted brand for pharmacy learning. TRC Healthcare brings its expertise in pharmacist training to RxAdvanced, created specifically to help hospital pharmacies achieve important training objectives for pharmacists.

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The RxAdvanced Advantage

We studied your expressed needs for competency training — efficiency, affordability, practicality, relevancy — and united them in one program that is easy to use and easy to manage. When you choose RxAdvanced, your staff pharmacists gain pharmacy-specific training to help them keep pace with the industry. You get reports that make it easy to track staff competency and to administer training.

Designed for easy implementation and ongoing monitoring, RxAdvanced delivers robust training that ensures safe practices and keeps hospital pharmacies compliant. Plus, pharmacists will earn continuing education (CE) credits from an ACPE-accredited provider.

The Case for Excellent Hospital Pharmacy Competency Training

Evidence-based continuing education and training for healthcare professionals is the key to creating healthcare systems with a proven commitment to quality, effectiveness, patient safety, preventative care, and population health.

As influential members of multidisciplinary healthcare teams, well-trained pharmacists play an important role in sharing knowledge that shapes patient care in hospital settings. Through collaborations with their colleagues on the care team, hospital pharmacists support the competency of all healthcare professionals. Skilled hospital pharmacists are not only good for clinical practice; they’re good for business, helping hospitals meet rigorous performance standards required by The Joint Commission and government regulations.

What to Expect from RxAdvanced Competency Training for Hospital Pharmacists

RxAdvanced offers highly-relevant training for hospital pharmacists, strengthened by activities and assessments that deepen knowledge and practical skills in critical subjects. Developed by industry experts at TRC Healthcare and CriticalPoint — the newest member of the TRC family — the best-in-class curriculum delivers engaging content that merges evidence-based standards with hands-on practice. Partnering with CriticalPoint provides access to the industry’s premier source of authoritative education in sterile compounding and hazardous drugs.

The scope of RxAdvanced coursework includes:

Antimicrobial Stewardship (11.5 hours) – Dedicated to improving patient outcomes through best practices in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infections, and drug resistance prevention.

Anticoagulation Management (12 hours) – Builds competency in acute care anticoagulation management through appropriate dosing, monitoring, and reversal in various patient populations.

Hazardous Drugs in partnership with CriticalPoint (5 hours) – Covers handling, receiving and transporting drugs, cleaning processes, and other guidelines that help minimize exposure and ensure safety

Sterile Compounding in partnership with CriticalPoint (12 hours) – Trains pharmacists in USP requirements and processes to maintain sterility when compounding.

Opioid Stewardship (12 hours) – Instruction that advocates safe use of opioids for acute and chronic pain conditions, including patients with opioid tolerance or opioid use disorder, and strategies to mitigate adverse reactions.

Easy to manage.

RxAdvanced delivers essential features to help you track hospital pharmacists’ training and competency.

TRC Healthcare partners with pharmacies to meet training needs at every stage of a pharmacy technician’s career, including:

  • Scalable, cost-effective packages. Choose from flexible purchasing plans, suited for enterprise-wide use. Pay for as many or as few programs as you select.
  • Simplified reporting. Get reports to document completions and quickly spot learners who aren’t finished.
  • Customizable options. Supplement our curriculum with one file that covers your hospital’s policies and procedures.
  • Skills assessment. Confirm and document that your pharmacists are competent to deliver expert care with built-in skill checks.

RxAdvanced is pharmacy-specific training, designed for pharmacists who practice in a hospital setting. It goes beyond the cookie-cutter content that marks many enterprise-level training resources. Your pharmacists get training that’s applicable to their daily work, delivered in just the right depth. Training is succinct, authoritative, and comprehensive.

Reports let managers verify who is trained — and who isn’t. TRC Healthcare experts know there’s more to implementing a training program than meets the eye. Your time is valuable. We make sure it’s not wasted on labor-intensive administrative tasks to prove completion and to confirm actionable skills. RxAdvanced simplifies your work.

In the dynamic healthcare industry, hospital pharmacy managers see the potential to use evolving, evidence-based research as a lever for improving patient care. Rapid integration of those findings into competency training can prove challenging on a limited training budget. RxAdvanced is a cost-effective alternative to in-house training. We keep training updated with the latest discoveries, so you can be confident that pharmacists who use RxAdvanced are on the leading edge of knowledge, practice, and skill.

Easy to use.

Keep your staff current with self-guided training that’s always available.

  • Convenient access. Accommodate staff schedules with the RxAdvanced online portal, available 24/7.
  • Self-paced. Progress trackers let learners pick up the training wherever they left off.
  • Practical expertise. Get industry-specific training for hospital pharmacists developed by expert clinicians.
  • Accredited CE. Pharmacists earn ACPE-accredited CE, with automated reporting to CPE Monitor.
  • Centralized CE recordkeeping. Track all CE and training in one convenient place, including the RxAdvanced curriculum and Hospital Pharmacist’s Letter CE, and CE from other providers.
  • Interactive content. Engage learners and encourage training retention with activities, quizzes, charts, diagrams, and videos.

What Pharmacists Like About RxAdvanced

Hospital pharmacists multitask and prioritize in dynamic environments that require them to think on their feet. Unpredictable schedules and routine interruptions make it difficult to find time for competency training. RxAdvanced is a convenient, concise training format that lets pharmacists stop and start, so they can complete each module at their own pace without losing track of their progress.

Annual updates help pharmacists stay current with new, evidence-based content that informs practice and patient care through highly-relevant knowledge. Built-in practice exercises allow pharmacists to apply meaningful coursework to daily tasks. Pharmacists can keep printable RxAdvanced resources handy to refresh best practices. We remove the administrative burden of keeping track of multiple sources of CE with an organizer that lets pharmacists log CE from any provider.

Bring RxAdvanced to Your Hospital Pharmacy.

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