RxAdvanced: Elevated Training for Today’s Expert Pharmacists

Pharmacists are powerful allies in the quest for better healthcare. Wherever they work, pharmacists who know the latest science and best practices bring reliable expertise to daily interactions with patients and colleagues.

TRC Healthcare has been educating pharmacists, helping them stay on the leading edge of knowledge, practice, and skill for over 35 years. As the most trusted brand for unbiased, evidence-based drug-therapy recommendations and pharmacy continuing education, we created RxAdvanced to provide pharmacists with engaging training, supported by activities that deepen knowledge and practical skills in critical subjects.

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What to Expect from RxAdvanced Training for Pharmacists

We studied pharmacists’ expressed needs for training — accuracy, efficiency, affordability, practicality, relevancy — and united them in one easy-to-use program that’s simple to manage. RxAdvanced gives pharmacists valuable training to help them keep pace and practice with confidence.

Our robust content promotes safe practices and offers continuing education (CE) credits from an ACPE-accredited provider. Regardless of your organization’s size, RxAdvanced is a cost-effective alternative to in-house training with simple recordkeeping and administration for managers and pharmacists alike.

Available RxAdvanced Programs:

Antimicrobial Stewardship (11.5 hours) – Dedicated to improving patient outcomes through best practices in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infections, and drug resistance prevention.

Anticoagulation Management (12 hours) – Builds competency in acute care anticoagulation management through appropriate dosing, monitoring, and reversal in various patient populations.

Hazardous Drugs in partnership with CriticalPoint (5 hours) – Covers handling, receiving and transporting hazardous drugs, cleaning processes, and other guidelines that help minimize exposure and ensure safety.

Sterile Compounding in partnership with CriticalPoint (12 hours) – Trains pharmacists in USP requirements and processes to maintain sterility when compounding.

Opioid Stewardship (12 hours) – Instruction that advocates safe use of opioids for acute and chronic pain conditions, including patients with opioid tolerance or opioid use disorder, and strategies to mitigate adverse reactions.

Guide to Natural Medicines (10 hours) – An in-depth exploration of scholarly research about the increasing role of natural medicines and supplements in healthcare, including coverage of how alternative therapies interact with prescription drugs and certain health conditions.

Leadership & Communication (9 hours) – Trainings that help pharmacists improve patient care and build better relationships with team members, managers, and other healthcare providers through communication, empathy, leadership, conflict management, and teamwork.

What Administrators Like About RxAdvanced

  • Scalable, cost-effective packages. Choose from flexible purchasing plans, suited for enterprise-wide use. Pay for as many or as few programs as you select.
  • Simplified reporting. Get reports to document completions and quickly spot learners who aren’t finished.
  • Customizable options. Supplement our curriculum with one file that covers your policies and procedures.
  • Skill assessments. Confirmation of expertise with built-in skill checks.

TRC Healthcare knows there’s more to implementing a training program than meets the eye. RxAdvanced offers advanced training programs that are affordable, saving your pharmacy the cost of curriculum development and implementation.

What Pharmacists Like About RxAdvanced:

  • Convenient access. Accommodate staff schedules with the RxAdvanced online portal, available 24/7.
  • Self-paced. Progress trackers let learners see what courses they completed and what’s left to do.
  • Practical expertise. Get authoritative training, developed by expert clinicians specifically for pharmacists.
  • Accredited CE. Pharmacists earn ACPE-accredited CE, with automated reporting to CPE Monitor.
  • Centralized CE recordkeeping. Track all CE credits and training in one convenient place, including the RxAdvanced curriculum and Pharmacist’s Letter CE, and CE from other providers.
  • Interactive content. Activities, quizzes, charts, diagrams, and videos engage students and encourage retention of the content.
  • Patient care planning and delivery. Acquire skills that increase your value as a member of a patient-centered healthcare team.


Add RxAdvanced to Your Pharmacist Training Plan.


RxAdvanced is currently only available for group subscriptions. Individual subscriptions will be available in early 2022.