Bula Help Desk FAQs

How can I reset my Bula password?

Click here to change your password.


How do I set up, change, or delete an email report?

In the Report Preferences section of the platform users can add, delete, or edit their report settings. For additional assistance with a report set up, users can set up a call by emailing [email protected].


How do I make changes to my Bula Agenda subscription?

Click the link in your agenda email, or use the Agenda drop down on your Bula dashboard to update your subscription settings.


What is the scope of Bula’s content? What is not in scope?

Bula’s platform contains items in the Pharmacy Act and Pharmacy Regulations, as well as guidance from other chapters that impact the practice of pharmacy in a retail setting. We do not track insurance or payment unless the item falls into the Pharmacy Act or Pharmacy Regulations.


What is the most efficient way to search Bula’s FAQs?

Keyword searching will highlight FAQs containing the terms you’re looking for.


How do I purchase a subscription to the Bula platform or Bula templates?

Email [email protected].


How do I add/remove users to my company’s Bula subscription?

Email [email protected].


Other questions?

Email [email protected].