Immunization Training for Pharmacy Technicians: TRC Healthcare Releases New Training Program

PTU Elite | A TRC Healthcare Brand

Denver, Colo., February 2, 2021 — TRC® Healthcare announces the release of a new program from Pharmacy Technicians University (PTU). PTU Elite: Immunizations is an online training curriculum designed to help the nation’s pharmacy technicians learn best practices and master skills needed to safely immunize patients.

The PTU Elite: Immunizations curriculum responds to the pharmacy industry’s urgent need to prepare pharmacy technicians to deliver lifesaving COVID-19 vaccines to the public. Nationwide, pharmacies depend on collaborations between licensed pharmacists and certified pharmacy technicians to administer immunizations in communities, in accordance with state guidelines. Some states have more rigorous requirements, including lengthier training. The PTU Elite: Immunizations training is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) and can be adjusted to conform with various guidelines in all 50 states.

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