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Get the most robust, comprehensive information on natural medicines with access to NatMed. NatMed is the largest database available on natural medicines, enabling research on competitive and complementary products

The Largest Natural Medicines Database in the U.S.

Gain access to NatMed Pro, the industry’s most comprehensive library of natural medicines, dietary supplements, and complementary therapies.

Supplement manufacturers and distributors need access to unbiased information on the latest clinical findings and evidence-based updates on compliance and industry changes. We have long-standing relationships with many manufacturers in this market, industry associations, and regulatory groups. These relationships help ensure that our database is the most complete and the largest repository of commercial products and monographs available.

NatMed Pro is a tool that curates evidence-based research from unbiased, peer-reviewed sources to help you share informed guidance on integrative therapies.

Complete with concise and timely information and safety ratings, we ensure that your pharmacovigilance staff, research and development team, and legal department have access to comprehensive information on competitive and complementary products.

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Easily Conduct Research

NatMed Pro

NatMed Pro is the largest natural medicines database that provides your pharmacovigilance staff, research and development team, and legal department with credible, evidence-based natural medicines content to help make informed, unbiased decisions about dietary supplements, natural medicines, and complementary therapies.

It’s updated daily and includes 1,400+ natural ingredient and complementary therapy monographs and over 250,000 commercial products organized into a practical, searchable database for your professional staff to easily look up supplement-to-drug interactions, safety, effectiveness, and individual commercial product information.

You can easily integrate NatMed with our API solution. Our flexible RESTful API is designed for seamless integration with your systems so your team can easily access the industry’s most authoritative natural medicines resource.

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