Insights Newsletter June 2024: Emerging Trends for Clinical Leadership

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This month’s Insights Newsletter covers the latest practice-changing pharmacy updates, emerging trends, and popular natural medicine topics and resources. 

Insights Newsletter | June 2024

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Know the Latest About Beta-Blockers After a Heart Attack 

Recent evidence is reigniting debate about the role of beta-blockers after a heart attack in patients without heart failure. Our Letter articles review the history of beta-blocker use post-MI, including the pros and cons of the latest evidence. We provide recommendations on which beta-blocker to use post-MI and duration of beta-blocker use. Our article also discusses when and how to stop a beta-blocker to limit risks. Our chart, Comparison of Oral Beta-Blockers, provides dosing guidance and our resource, Optimizing Care of Patients with Coronary Artery Disease, is a comprehensive guide to appropriate therapy. Read More


Community Topic: Rely on Proven Strategies for Smoking Cessation

Data suggest that e-cigarettes can help patients quit smoking, but headlines don’t tell the whole story.  Our Letter articles review what we do know about e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid. We discuss proven strategies for smoking cessation and motivation techniques. Our article also reviews combination options and how to individualize meds for patients, plus important considerations and counseling tips for patients who want to try e-cigarettes for smoking cessation. Our resource, Smoking Cessation Drug Therapy and E-Cigarettes and Vaping, provides specific drug product pros and cons as well as answers to your big questions about e-cigarettes. Read More


Hospital Topic: Manage and Prevent Cancer-Associated VTE 

Patients with cancer often have an increased risk of thrombosis AND bleeding, making it tricky to treat and prevent venous thromboembolism (VTE) in this population. Our article provides guidance on tailoring the anticoagulant choice based on patient-specific factors. We also discuss pros and cons of different options and ideal treatment duration as well as management options for inpatient and outpatient prophylaxis, including when to use mechanical methods. We provide strategies to help avoid errors, such as watching for anticoagulant drug interactions. Our resource, Cancer-Associated Thrombosis FAQs, provides med dosing, monitoring recommendations, and more details on managing special populations. Read More


Avoid these Supplements Before Surgery 

Four out of 5 Americans use dietary supplements, but many do not report their use to providers. This is especially important perioperatively. Our NatMed article discusses supplements that have sedative effects, increase the risk of bleeding, and/or affect blood sugar control. These effects can become dangerous, particularly when multiple ingredients with similar effects are used together. We highlight some of the most popular ingredients with these effects and encourage providers to ask about them directly before any scheduled surgery. Read More


Upcoming Tradeshows

We have a packed tradeshow schedule this year and would love to meet with you in person. Send us a meeting request if you’ll be attending any of these shows!

Check out where we’ll be in the coming months:

  • AANP National Conference: June 25-30 
  • PTCB PTEC 2024: July 11-13 
  • Florida Society of Health-System Pharmacists – FSHP 58th Annual Meeting: July 26-28 
  • National Association of Chain Drug Stores – NACDS TSE 2024: August 17-19 

See the Full List of Events for 2024


New Blog! Compounding Chronicles

When’s the Last Time You Visited Your SOPs? 

Adam West, Environmental Monitoring and Training Specialist at CriticalPoint, recently posted a blog addressing how standard operating procedures (SOPs) in sterile compounding need regular attention to stay current and effective. He notes how they can become outdated and misaligned with compounding practices, leading to non-compliance and inconsistent operations. CriticalPoint advises and recommends pharmacy leadership to routinely review and update SOPs, ensuring they reflect the latest USP 797 revisions and operational changes. Explore CriticalPoint


Other Covered Topics

Discover how you can simplify CE/CME and drug updates with a one-platform solution through Prescriber Insights + NetCE All Access, learn how you can get unlimited access to virtual compounding training for your pharmacy team, check out the latest Medication Talk episode, and more. Read More

Insights Newsletter | June 2024

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