New Pharmacy Technician-Specific Soft Skills Training Program Helps Improve Teamwork and Enhance Patient Satisfaction

PTU Elite | A TRC Healthcare Brand

PTU Elite: Soft Skills Program Sharpens Techs’ Skills to Foster Harmonious, Well-Rounded Pharmacy Teams

DENVER, Colo., June 2, 2020TRC Healthcare (Therapeutic Research Center or TRC®), a leading provider of medication advisory and learning solutions and the author of Pharmacist’s Letter, announced today a new Pharmacy Technicians University program that helps pharmacy technicians build and develop essential competencies that lead to safer, patient-centered care, improved staff retention, and increased patient satisfaction and loyalty.

The new PTU Elite: Soft Skills Program offers pharmacy technicians focused training on communication, empathy, leadership, conflict management, and teamwork, in an easy-to-use online format that combines practice-ready clinical resources with multimedia modules.

This is the second program within the new “PTU Elite” suite of offerings aimed at supporting pharmacy technicians along their career paths.

“Training pharmacy technicians with the PTU Elite: Soft Skills Program is a simple way for organizations to enhance patient care,” said Wes Crews, Chief Executive Officer of TRC Healthcare. “Technicians who learn actionable communication tactics can more easily defuse tense situations, acknowledge sensitive topics, and put patients at ease. And we know that investing in well-rounded technicians leads to lower turnover and higher job satisfaction.”

Available for purchase as a stand-alone offering, the PTU Elite: Soft Skills Program is an 11-hour didactic solution that builds soft skills competency using video simulations, case studies, and real-world scenarios that mirror what technicians can expect to see in the pharmacy setting.

The PTU Elite: Soft Skills Program is the perfect complement to Pharmacy Technicians University (PTU), a best-in-class online education and training program for pharmacy technicians. PTU offers the most extensive, flexible, and robust interactive courseware and training videos for medication learning available today, and supports or exceeds technician training requirements in all 50 states (including Washington, D.C.). Its “right-sized” training programs are tailored for retail/community pharmacy and hospital, and include program options that meet or exceed the ASHP/ACPE national standards. In the past 12 months, PTU grads have achieved an average 77% pass rate on the PTCB certification exam — nearly 20% higher than the national average of 58%. Specific PTU clients have even achieved pass rates averaging upwards of 80%. Additionally, PTU programs provide training to more technicians across retailers and hospitals than any other education provider.