Sterile Compounded vaccine

Sterile Compounding & Hazardous Drugs eLearning

Provides pharmacists and pharmacy technicians with the skills to ensure compliance and patient safety with the latest USP <797> & <800> updates.

$699 / year

CE Hours:

34.5 Hours of ACPE-accredited CE

Group Purchases

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Program Overview

CriticalPoint’s signature sterile compounding and hazardous drugs eLearning has been leading the way since 2007. Expertly designed to provide you with the latest USP <797> and <800> standards, learners will also receive CriticalPoint’s gold-standard best practices upon completion of this offering. With 34.5 ACPE-accredited CE hours, this eLearning is your definitive guide to mastering essential compounding skills while ensuring sterile compounding compliance.  

Course Curriculum

  • History of Sterile Compounding (1 hour of CE) 
  • Determining USP 797 Beyond-Use Dating (1 hour of CE) 
  • Quality Releases and Final Checks for Sterile Compounding (1 hour of CE) 
  • USP 797 CSP Handling: Staging through Transport (1 hour of CE) 
  • Master Formulation and Compounding Records for Sterile Compounding (1 hour of CE) 
  • Standard Operating Procedures for Sterile Compounding (1 hour of CE) 
  • General Elements of Documentation for Sterile Compounding (1 hour of CE) 
  • Use of Equipment and Integrating Technology for Sterile Compounding (1 hour of CE) 
  • USP 797 Primary Engineering Controls (2 hours CE) 
  • USP 797 Secondary Engineering Controls (2 hours CE) 
  • Hand Hygiene and Garbing for Sterile Compounding (2 hours CE) 
  • Personnel Competency Testing in Aseptic Manipulation (1 hour CE) 
  • Overview of Environmental Monitoring (1 hour CE) 
  • Viable Air and Surface Sampling (0.5 hours of CE) 
  • Investigation and Remediation of Viable Environmental Monitoring and
    Personnel Sampling Excursions (1 hour CE) 
  • Sterile Compounding Environments Principles of Cleaning and Disinfection (1 hour CE) 
  • Cleaning of Primary Engineering Controls for Sterile Compounding (1 hour CE) 
  • Cleaning of Secondary Engineering Controls for Sterile Compounding (1 hour CE) 
  • Quality Management of Sterile Compounding (1 hour CE) 
  • Best Practices for USP 797 (1 hour CE) 
  • Use of Supplies and Components (1 hour CE) 
  • Aseptic Technique and Conduct for Sterile Compounding (1 hour CE) 
  • Best Practices for Mixing Outside of ISO-Classified Conditions (USP 797) (1 hour CE) 
  • Sterility Testing Requirements of USP Chapters 71 and 797 (1 hour CE) 
  • Bacterial Endotoxin Testing for Sterile Compounding (1 hour CE) 
  • Steam and Dry-Heat Sterilization Methods (USP 797)  (1 hour CE) 
  • Sterilization by Filteration of USP Chapters 71 and 797 (1 hour CE) 
  • Hazardous Drug Overview (USP 795 and 797) (1 hour CE) 
  • Containment Primary and Secondary Engineering Controls (1 hour CE) 
  • Personal Protective Equipment for HD Handling for USP 795 and 797 Compounding (1 hour CE) 
  • HD Work Practice Strategies: Receiving through Transport to Patients (1 hour CE) 
  • HD Work Practice Strategies: Decontamination and Spill Management (USP 795 and 797) (1 hour CE) 

eLearning Highlights

  • Expertly Crafted: Authored by sterile compounding specialists and influential thought leaders with 30 years of real-world pharmacy expertise.
  • Relevant, High-Quality Content: Our online lessons are tailored to match the latest USP chapter standards and imbued with CriticalPoint's best practices so you can confidently apply your education effectively.
  • OnDemand Learning: Learners can dive in immediately with access to the eLearning anywhere, anytime — perfect for both in-pharmacy downtimes or relaxed home settings.

Key Benefits

Engaging & Adaptive: A self-directed, interactive approach ensures ease of learning. Novices can take their time, while experienced professionals can speed through as desired. Plus, it’s ACPE-approved, offering over 34.5 continuing education credit hours for both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. 

Effortless Record-Keeping: We alleviate the administrative strain with comprehensive, user-friendly reports, streamlining compliance checks and audit preparations. 

Trusted by Thousands: Over 2,500 sites, 60,000 pharmacy experts, and state board inspectors have logged more than 500,000 hours of continued education with CriticalPoint. 

CriticalPoint FAQ

Best practices recommended in the current version of all CriticalPoint programs meet and exceed the most current USP standards covered in USP <795>, <797>, and <800>, including all standards enacted in November 2023.
Each program is reviewed annually for critical guideline updates, and we release new program versions every 2-3 years. Pharmacists and technicians who purchase directly through our website will get the latest version at the time of purchase. Pharmacy leaders who purchase an enterprise subscription will be notified before we move any staff to the latest version.
Program pricing varies depending on delivery type (eLearning vs Virtual Training) and program size. Bulk pricing with discounts is available for enterprise clients, including an “All Access” option.
Yes, pharmacists and technicians can earn ACPE CE credit for each course they complete in each program (excluding our Field Certification program). Programs vary in length depending on the topic. See program details for more information.
Our CriticalPoint programs include both eLearning and Virtual Training programs.  Our eLearning programs are a self-study format, while our virtual training programs include a combination of self-study, on-demand webinars, and live webinars that allow the learner to interact with our industry expert facilitators.
Currently, CriticalPoint is designed specifically for pharmacists, technicians, and anyone with roles in compounding responsibility or oversight.  We also offer training specifically tailored for state and regulatory inspectors with compounding area responsibility.
You have access for 12 months from the date of purchase. Courses must be completed before access expires.
Once a virtual training program is completed, you will receive a printable Statement of Completion for the program. You can list your completed training on LinkedIn, Doximity, or other professional networking profiles.  All courses completed as part of any program (including our eLearning programs) are also archived in the learner’s CE and Training Organizer for future reference and are reported to CPE Monitor.
CriticalPoint gives pharmacists and technicians an edge with efficient, relevant, affordable training delivered by expert faculty that help deepen knowledge and practical skills in compounding. CriticalPoint also helps pharmacy leaders and administrators ensure and document staff competency with assignments, completion reports, benchmark reports, and more.