pharmacist prepping syringe and vaccine for a patient

Pharmacist's Letter Immunization Package

Our immunization CE add-on package provides the essential courses you need as an immunizing pharmacist.

$29 / year

Group Purchases

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Stay current with immunization CE for your state requirements

Keep current on immunization updates with a subscription to our immunization CE Package. Courses in the package are updated to align with requirements and include topics like:

  • Vaccination in Special Populations
  • Live Vaccine Recommendations
  • Influenza Vaccine Updates
  • Immunization Updates
  • Vaccine Administration and Storage
  • Recommending Vaccines and Addressing Hesitancy
  • Vaccine Safety

Why choose the Immunization CE Package

  • ACPE-accredited CE that helps you meet your state requirements.
  • New courses released annually to cover the latest vaccine updates.
  • Package will always include the timeliest key courses on immunization topics.