pharmacy technician giving medication to customer

PTU Elite: Soft Skills

Sharpen your technicians' soft skills to improve teamwork and patient care.

Group Purchases

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PTU Elite: Soft Skills Program Highlights

Technicians learn actionable communication tactics to defuse tense situations, acknowledge sensitive topics, and put patients at ease.

Technicians gain skills in collaboration, managing up, leadership, and more.

Investing in well-rounded technicians leads to lower turnover and higher job satisfaction.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient. Training is thorough, yet concise — and is available online 24/7.
  • Convenient. Self-guided, online study helps pharmacies meet the challenge of scheduling pharmacy technicians for training. Students can complete the training when it’s most convenient.
  • Cost-effective. Limit training costs with flexible pricing, tailored to your organization’s size. Whether you have one site or many, your pharmacy technicians get in-depth immunization training at an affordable rate.
  • Relevant. Course work is accompanied by concise, practice-ready clinical resources together with multimedia modules and quizzes to continuously assess student progress.

Promote Ongoing Career Development

This 8-didactic hour online solution, designed exclusively for the pharmacy technician role, helps technicians build and develop essential competencies that lead to safer, patient-centered care and improved staff retention.

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