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RxSelect: Student Pharmacist

Focused Resources to Help Prepare Students For Pharmacy Careers

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Free Select Resources for Student Pharmacists and Learning Management Tools for Educators and Preceptors

RxSelect: Student Pharmacist provides concise and unbiased clinical and training content to support pharmacy students in their classroom and experiential activities, while also providing confidence and demonstrating the value of continued education and lifelong learning after graduation.

For pharmacy faculty, RxSelect: Student Pharmacist provides concise and unbiased clinical and training content to support pharmacy school educators, both inside the classroom and out.

What To Expect

RxSelect: Student Pharmacist contains curated content unique to the needs of students and faculty, covering educational activities, focused training elements, and resources specific to clinical education needs. It prepares students for their professional careers with real-world resources trusted by thousands of practicing pharmacists. Students can get free access to:

Focused Content – More than 50 resources of special interest to pharmacists in training, including drug charts and articles geared to the special needs of student pharmacists and their instructors, including preceptors.

Simple Course Assignments – Assign training courses and track completions. Provides more than 10 courses that cover compliance subjects.

Easy to use Training Organizer – Students get a central location to view all current assignments and print statements of completion.

RxSelect: Student Pharmacist FAQ

Yes, the following programs are included:
  • Bloodborne Pathogens*
  • Combating Methamphetamine Abuse*
  • Cultural Competence and Unconscious Bias
  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse/CMS Training*
  • HIPAA Privacy*
  • HIPAA Security*
  • Incorporating Medication Reconciliation During Transitions of Care
  • Motivational Interviewing to Enhance Care
  • Nonsterile Compounding Basics
  • Preventing Medication-Related Errors (Florida Board of Pharmacy approved)
  • Preventing Medication-Related Errors
  • Sterile Compounding: Aseptic Technique (per official 2008 USP 797)
  • Sterile Compounding: USP Chapter <797> (official 2008 version)
  • Successful MTM Programs in Community Pharmacy
  • Tuberculosis Training for Healthcare Workers
  *These courses will be updated annually per training requirements
RxSelect: Student Pharmacist includes content specially curated for pharmacy students. It is also available to students at no charge. Students and faculty are welcome to become subscribers to Pharmacist’s Letter to access more content.