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How QURE Changes Clinical Practice

A Better, Scalable Approach to Value-Based Care with QURE

Staying aligned with rapidly changing clinical guidelines and recommendations is crucial for clinical care practices. The challenge is real: health systems are pressed to cut costs while simultaneously elevating the quality of care. The key to success lies in transforming the care patterns of practitioners, whether they operate within expansive health systems or independently, to steer towards value-based care.

Discover the power of QURE’s virtual patient cases—a proven, straightforward, and engaging solution empowering practitioners to assess and enhance their skills in adherence to evidence-based guidelines and recommendations.

Collaborating with QURE involves:

  • Creating Customized Virtual Patients – QURE virtual patients are tailored to areas within your health system where you would like to measure variation and adherence to clinical practice guidelines. Our team of physicians and population health experts work with you and your subject matter experts to develop clinically and culturally relevant patient profiles that capture real-world patient presentations, diagnostic workups, and treatment plans.
  • Caring for Patients – Case Administration – Participants receive a personalized login link to start caring for their assigned virtual patients. Cases take about 10-15 minutes to complete and follow a typical patient encounter for one’s area of practice. This includes reviewing patient presentations, asking follow-up questions, ordering labs and diagnostics, making diagnoses, and creating treatment plans.
  • Receiving Real-Time Feedback and Engaging in Discussion – Participants receive evidence-based feedback based on the decisions that they made during their virtual patient interactions. Leaderboards and peer metrics create a fun, gamified experience. Cases are presented in a series, known as “seasons”, that repeats themes to solidify the learning and recall. Upon completion of a season, QURE facilitates group discussions to cement the key takeaways.

QURE has seen noteworthy achievements in areas including:

Reduction in Cost of Care

Reduction in Cost of Care

  • Avoiding unnecessary imaging tests and specialist referrals
  • Lowering use of expensive diagnostic tests and procedures
  • Increasing use of support services and home care for high-risk patients
  • Reducing hospitalizations for chronic conditions
  • Reducing pharmacy cost

For over a decade, QURE Healthcare has pioneered a revolutionary approach to care, leveraging our unique, validated method of creating and presenting virtual patients. Our proven track record showcases notable enhancements in quality and substantial cost reductions, making us the trusted choice for hospitals, primary care groups, specialists, and ACOs, all committed to delivering unparalleled healthcare excellence.

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Clive Fields, MD, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at VillageMD
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