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How QURE Measures Clinical Utility

For payers, clinical utility evidence demonstrates that when healthcare providers appropriately use a test or technology for a specific patient population, it significantly improves outcomes, in line with the associated costs.

Evaluating the real-world utility of a given test or medical technology requires:

  1. The direct quantification of ever-elusive provider decision-making behaviors
  2. Real-world patient health outcome data
  3. Economic implications that underscore the value of the test or technology
  4. Evidence of a causal relationship between provider decisions (#1), real-world improved outcomes (#2), and economic impact (#3).

QURE’s purpose-built study design for clinical utility involves:

Relevant Recruitment

Relevant Recruitment

QURE’s clinical utility studies are an optimal way to collect care data, as we recruit nationally representative samples of providers for whom the test is intended. All samples are statistically validated across various care settings and patient characteristics and incorporate relevant HEDIS metrics.

QURE experimental data resulted in two high-quality, peer-reviewed publications demonstrating the clinical utility of our…
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Michael Paul, Founder and CEO of Lineagen™
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