TRC Healthcare Expands Coverage of Regulatory and Legislative Changes for U.S. Pharmacies

Bula | A TRC Healthcare Brand

In a world of increasing healthcare regulation, two advisory companies are joining their expertise through an acquisition that helps pharmacies stay abreast of changes.

DENVER, Oct. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — TRC Healthcare (TRC), a trusted leader in evidence-based continuing education, has acquired Bula Intelligence, a best-in-class provider of tracking and reporting on regulatory and legislative changes that affect U.S. pharmacies. Bula helps pharmacies anticipate forthcoming regulatory changes, understand how they are impacted and learn when they must be ready to comply.

Through the acquisition, TRC Healthcare intends to expand its coverage of regulatory changes. Subscriptions to Bula Intelligence simplify compliance for pharmacies, reducing risks posed by a lack of quick, accurate information. The timeliness and thoroughness of the information helps pharmacies stay on top of healthcare opportunities that might otherwise be overlooked.

“Bula partners with seven of the top 10 retail pharmacy chains and provides their services to a majority of specialty pharmacies,” says Laura Carpenter, President and Founder of Bula Intelligence. “With our combined market reach with TRC healthcare, we are excited to leverage both organizations strengths to provide enhanced value and services to our mutual partners.”

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