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Jeff Jellin, FounderTRC Healthcare Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Jeff Jellin, PharmD, began his career as a hospital and community pharmacist.  Later, he became a pharmacy professor with tenure at University of the Pacific. Jeff’s research and work with health systems ultimately led him to establish Therapeutic Research Center (TRC) in 1985.  Soon after, the Company launched its flagship publication, Pharmacist’s LetterOver the next several years, TRC went on to launch several new role-based products to help inform and educate healthcare professionals and clinicians on medication and natural therapies.  Today, key products include Prescriber’s Letter, Pharmacy Technician’s Letter, Pharmacy Technicians University, and NatMed Pro.  In addition, both Canadian and Hospital care setting versions of several Letter products are now available.

In the U.S., TRC now serves 80% of all pharmacists.  There are also tens of thousands of pharmacy technicians, physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioner subscribers.  Further, TRC provides enterprise subscriptions to nearly every national pharmacy chain, many of the largest, most prominent hospitals in the U.S., and the Veterans Administration.  Other notable clients include Consumer Reports, Medscape, WebMD, National Institutes of Health, many branches of the Department of Defense, the Library of Medicine, and many other governmental agencies in the U.S. and worldwide.  Additionally, TRC has established cooperative agreements with hundreds of colleges of pharmacy, state pharmacy associations, and medical residency training programs nationwide.

To ensure a commitment to clinician learning, TRC is an accredited provider of continuing education by the major accreditation agencies in the U.S.  This includes those accrediting CE for pharmacists, physicians, family physicians, emergency physicians, osteopathic physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.  Currently, TRC is one of the largest providers of continuing education for pharmacists in the U.S, with a robust CE pharmacology library.