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RxAdvanced Pharmacy Training: Elevated Training for Today's Expert Pharmacists

RxAdvanced is an effective pharmacy training program that’s right-sized to help pharmacists keep pace, practice with confidence, and meet requirements set by accrediting bodies and regulatory agencies. Discover concise, affordable, high-quality pharmacist CE programs supported by activities that deepen knowledge and practical skills for today’s expert pharmacists.
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Available RxAdvanced Programs

RxAdvanced: Diabetes Monitoring & Management

  • Develop skills to advise patients and clinicians on how to use technology and pattern management to achieve improved glycemic control
  • Focused on innovative and technology-driven techniques for treating complex diabetes patients
  • 6 hours of ACPE-accredited training

RxAdvanced: Guide to Cannabis

  • Credible training brought to you by leaders in education for pharmacists
  • Counsel patients about the use of cannabis products with the latest science-based cannabis research
  • 16 hours of ACPE-accredited training

RxAdvanced: Anticoagulation Management

  • Comprehensive program that prepares pharmacists to monitor and consult on medication management
  • Regularly updated content that reflects progress in anticoagulant therapy
  • 12 hours of ACPE-accredited training

RxAdvanced: Antimicrobial Stewardship

  • Improve patient outcomes with the best practices in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infections, and drug resistance prevention
  • Developed by practicing pharmacists with infectious disease expertise
  • 11.5 hours of ACPE-accredited training

RxAdvanced: Guide to Natural Medicines

  • Gain expertise in safe use of natural medicines
  • Become a trusted source of answers to common questions about supplements
  • 11 hours of ACPE-accredited training

RxAdvanced: Hazardous Drugs

  • Builds competency in USP <800> to promote safety and protection when handling hazardous medications
  • Incorporates standards enforceable Nov. 1, 2023
  • 5 hours of ACPE-accredited training

RxAdvanced: Opioid Stewardship

  • Evidence-based program that helps pharmacists achieve better health outcomes, fewer adverse effects, and improved pain management for patients
  • Interactive format allows pharmacists to complete their work in short intervals and access the training, 24/7
  • 12 hours of ACPE-accredited training

RxAdvanced: Sterile Compounding

  • Builds competency in USP <797> standards, deepens operational knowledge, and enhances patient safety while supporting compliance readiness
  • Incorporates revisions enforceable Nov. 1, 2023
  • 12 hours of ACPE-accredited training

RxAdvanced: Leadership and Communication

  • Relevant, all-inclusive education in leadership and communication
  • Regular updates that reflect the highest industry standards
  • 9 hours of ACPE-accredited training
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Advance Your Career

Pharmacists are powerful allies in the quest for better healthcare, especially when they know the latest science and best practices. As the most trusted brand for unbiased, evidence-based drug-therapy recommendations and pharmacy continuing education, TRC Healthcare created RxAdvanced pharmacy training program to help pharmacists stay on the leading edge of knowledge, practice, and skill. 

RxAdvanced is an engaging training program for pharmacists, supported by activities that deepen knowledge and practical skills in critical subjects. Leverage RxAdvanced to attract — and retain — qualified pharmacists who bring reliable expertise to interactions with patients, colleagues, and other healthcare professionals. Our robust content promotes safe practices and offers CE credits from an ACPE-accredited provider. 

What to Expect from RxAdvanced Training for Pharmacists

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Cost-Effective Programs

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Accredited CE

For Pharmacists
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Simplified Reporting

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Built-in Skill Checks

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RxAdvanced Benefits

For Pharmacists

What Pharmacists Like About RxAdvanced

  • Accredited pharmacy CE. Pharmacists get CE/CME credits through an ACPE-accredited provider.
  • Always timely. All RxAdvanced pharmacy training courses are updated to new accreditation standards every three years and augmented with timely resources between updates.
  • Convenient access. 24/7 online and mobile access to accommodate a range of staffing schedules.
  • Self-paced. Each student determines their duration of study and checks mastery of the content. 
  • Monitor pharmacy CE progress. Pharmacists can use the CE/CME Training Organizer to track all progress toward license renewals. 
  • Practical expertise. Pharmacists learn best practices from high-quality content, developed by expert clinicians for real-world needs. 
  • Engaging content. Students stay motivated and interested with interactive activities, printable resources, and compelling multimedia, quizzes, charts, and diagrams. 
  • Enhanced patient care. Pharmacists acquire skills that increase their value as members of patient-centered healthcare teams.

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