Health Mart Receives Pharmacy Technician Training Program Accreditation

Pharmacy Technicians University | A TRC Healthcare Brand

Irving, Texas, Sept. 2, 2020Health Mart® pharmacies now benefit from additional pharmacy technician training options following approval for accreditation. Through a partnership with TRC Healthcare, more than 5,000 community pharmacies in the Health Mart family have access to quality pharmacy technician training solutions. The solution leverages comprehensive Pharmacy Technicians University (PTU) curriculum from TRC Healthcare, via the company’s 127-hour PTU 101 and 402-hour National Standards Entry-Level training programs.

Qualified Health Mart pharmacies can now apply to become approved sites within Health Mart’s accreditation and provide ASHP/ACPE accredited training within their pharmacies. Access to these training programs is an exclusive advantage for Health Mart pharmacies.

“Developing and maintaining a program that is compliant with the fifteen accreditation standards for pharmacy technician education is an expensive and time-consuming process. We are removing some of the obstacles to ensure Health Mart independent community pharmacies have the same ability to train technicians and meet nationally recognized standards as other chain pharmacies,” said Nancy Lyons, BSPharm, MBA, CDE, chief pharmacist at Health Mart. “We care deeply about the success of independent pharmacies and this program is an example of the resources we provide to help them access affordable solutions. Because we want them to focus on what they do best, delivering high-quality patient care.”

“Changes in state-specific laws and board of pharmacy requirements are increasingly raising the bar for technician training and certification. TRC Healthcare is proud to partner with Health Mart to support the success of independent pharmacies,” added Wes Crews, chief executive officer of TRC Healthcare. “Pharmacy Technicians University leads the market in technician training, thanks to our thirty-plus years of delivering trusted pharmacy education with a focus on practical training to ensure technicians meet these new standards.”

Health Mart offers two pharmacy technician training programs designed to prepare current and aspiring pharmacy technicians with standardized training. The courses help technicians perform clinical, administrative and regulatory duties in a retail pharmacy. Both programs can be used to prepare technicians for national certification exams.

“The process to become an approved training site within the accredited Health Mart pharmacy technician training program has been smooth and our technicians are really benefiting from the curriculum. The ability to provide this education is already generating value for our technicians and our pharmacy. Health Mart has enabled us to incorporate an ASHP/ACPE accredited technician training program into our normal training processes. Therefore, we have the best of both worlds: on the job training as well as a robust technician program at a substantially reduced cost as compared to other local technician programs,” shared Addison Livingston, chief executive officer of Hawthorne Pharmacy and chairman of the South Carolina Board of Pharmacy.