TRC Releases RxAdvanced: Guide to Natural Medicines

RxAdvanced | A TRC Healthcare Brand

Denver, Colo., April 20, 2021 — TRC® Healthcare announces the release of of RxAdvanced: Guide to Natural Medicines, a new online program that helps pharmacists acquire expertise in alternative, complementary, and integrative therapies.

In recent years, Americans have grown accustomed to natural medicines as alternatives or complements to prescription drugs and over-the-counter treatments. Over 75 percent of American adults take at least one dietary supplement or natural medicine daily to enhance health. Many clinicians and healthcare practitioners now recommend them to patients, hoping to counter the effects of prescription medications, or to improve health and/or quality of life.

“Widespread use and acceptance of non-traditional medicines puts pharmacists on the hotseat because consumers often consult them first for advice about alternative treatments,” says TRC Healthcare Product Manager Pam Piotrowski, RPh, BSP, MBA. “Until now, pharmacists had few if any continuing education (CE) resources that could help them build true competency around helping patients make informed choices about natural medicines. We think pharmacists across the nation are going to regard this as a unique opportunity to improve patient care.”

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