What Practitioners Need To Know about the Federal Mate Act

Substance Use Disorders and Pain Management: MATE Act Training

Adapting to changes in healthcare regulations is essential for practitioners committed to delivering top-notch care to their patients. Among the recent updates is the Federal MATE Act, which imposes new requirements on registered practitioners. Here’s what practitioners need to know about the Federal MATE Act, its implications, and how to comply with its requirements.


What is the Federal MATE Act? 

The DEA now requires registered practitioners to demonstrate that they have completed 8 hours of relevant accredited education before they obtain a new DEA license or renew their current DEA licenses.  Effective June 27, 2023, practitioners must fulfill the one-time education requirement before applying for a DEA license for the first time or to have their DEA license renewed.


Am I required to complete additional CME to fulfill the MATE Act mandate? 

All DEA-registered practitioners, except practitioners who are solely veterinarians, are required to complete the requirement. DEA-registered pharmacists licensed in states where they are authorized to prescribe controlled substances are also required to complete the requirement.


What courses fulfill DEA MATE Act Training requirements? 

Content should be related to the prevention, recognition, and care of people with substance use disorders, including those with concurrent pain and/or psychiatric and medical co-morbidities. Recommended core curricular training elements could include the categories of substance use disorders, effective treatment planning, and pain management and substance misuse.


How do I fulfill my DEA MATE Act Training requirement? 

To fulfill your DEA MATE Act Training requirement, you must complete a one-time course that is provided or approved by an approved or accredited organization. 

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