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RxAdvanced: Guide to Cannabis

CE Credits: 16 Hours | Course Expiration: August 18, 2025
Price: $199
Access to this program is valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

Cannabis is a legitimate and legal form of medical treatment in many states, yet today’s pharmacists often lack knowledge that prepares them to counsel patients regarding cannabis products. Whether cannabis products are used for medical or recreational purposes, patients always benefit from conversations with a knowledgeable pharmacist who can guide them toward safe, appropriate use and minimize their risk for adverse effects. Pharmacists can only fulfill their role within the healthcare team when they know as much about cannabis as any other pharmacological treatment. TRC Healthcare answers pharmacists’ call for cannabinoid education with RxAdvanced: Guide to Cannabis, 16 hours of ACPE-accredited training that brings pharmacists up-to-date with science-based cannabis research.

RxAdvanced Guide to Cannabis. Keeping pharmacists up-to-date with the latest, science-based cannabis research.

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What to Expect from RxAdvanced: Guide to Cannabis

RxAdvanced: Guide to Cannabis is a robust cannabis education program that emphasizes a pharmacist’s role. This ACPE-accredited program is brought to you through our partnership with the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, one of the nation’s first universities to conduct clinical cannabis research in this rapidly changing area of healthcare.

Regardless of your practice setting, you’ll receive a comprehensive cannabis education online and available to you 24/7. Delivered in a PowerPoint format with voiceovers by faculty from the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, this self-guided training is designed to enhance your consultations with patients and healthcare providers.

In this 8-part program, pharmacists will learn:

  • How cannabis works for and against certain health conditions
  • Potential reactions cannabis can have with other prescription and over-the-counter medications and therapies
  • How cannabis can affect at-risk populations, including teens, children, and patients who are pregnant
  • The difference between THC and CBD
  • Which prescription medications have cannabinoids as an active ingredient
  • How to interview and counsel patients regarding use of cannabis products
  • State and federal rules that regulate cannabis
  • The pharmacist role in a dispensary
  • The limitations within some cannabis research
  • How international cannabis clinical research adds to the body of cannabis knowledge


Course Curriculum

Endocannabinoids and the Pharmacology of Cannabis and Hemp
Learn about the medical history of Cannabis and the pharmacology of its chemical constituents to authoritatively discuss the product with patients.
ACPE Course Number: 0008-0000-22-072-H01-P
CE Credit: 2 hours

Formulations, Dosing, and Adverse Effects
Review the unique characteristics of the different cannabinoid formulations, doses, and adverse effects.
ACPE Course Number: 0008-0000-22-073-H01-P
CE Credit: 2 hours

The Clinical Interview and Mental Health Considerations
Learn about evaluating patients who are using cannabis, or are interested in using cannabis, for mental health conditions.
ACPE Course Number: 0008-0000-22-074-H01-P
CE Credit: 2 hours

Epilepsy and Movement Disorders
Explore available literature and investigate real-world clinical use of cannabinoids in epilepsy and movement disorders.
ACPE Course Number: 0008-0000-22-075-H01-P
CE Credit: 2 hours

Sleep Disorder, Migraine, and Multiple Sclerosis
Evaluate the available literature with medicinal cannabis in the treatment or symptomatic relief of sleep disorders, migraines, and multiple sclerosis.
ACPE Course Number: 0008-0000-22-076-H01-P
CE Credit: 2 hours

Pain Management and Supportive Care in Oncology
Learn about the use of medical cannabis in the management of non-cancer and cancer-related pain.
ACPE Course Number: 0008-0000-22-077-H01-P
CE Credit: 2 hours

At-risk Populations, Product Safety, and Patient Concerns
Review the benefits and risks of medical cannabis use, potential drug interactions, and the safety of cannabis products, espeically in at-risk populations.
ACPE Course Number: 0008-0000-22-078-H01-P
CE Credit: 2 hours

Legal and Regulatory Controversies
Review the background on Cannabis regulation at both the state and federal level, and initiatives by the FDA to provide the regulatory framework for CBD-containing products.
ACPE Course Number: 0008-0000-22-079-H01-P
CE Credit: 2 hours


Key Benefits of RxAdvanced: Guide to Cannabis

  • Contemporary skills. Upgrade your pharmacy education with new, accurate cannabis science that has emerged since you graduated from pharmacy school.
  • Better patient care. Distinguish yourself as an expert resource, trusted by patients and healthcare providers to answer questions and make recommendations about optimal care and safe use of cannabis products.
  • Separate fact from fiction. Offset public opinions for and against cannabis products with reliable science that helps everyone gain a balanced understanding of cannabis.
  • Credible training. Because RxAdvanced: Guide to Cannabis is brought to you by two of the industry’s most respected leaders in education for pharmacists, you can be certain you will learn relevant content, designed to meet the challenges of practicing in any pharmacy.


Get the relevant training all pharmacists need to promote safe, appropriate use of cannabis products.

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