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Support your healthcare team with unbiased, concise, timely resources and continuing education.

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Help your physicians, advanced practitioners, and pharmacists build team engagement, confidence, and consistency while improving patient outcomes.

Written by clinicians for clinicians, our solutions provide unbiased, concise, timely, and trustworthy drug therapy and medication management advice. In addition, it provides cutting-edge recommendations on new and emerging trends and companion continuing education for pharmacology areas for everyone in your organization.

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Prescriber Insights

Prescriber Insights empowers physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to improve patient outcomes and meet quality measures with 100% unbiased, evidence-based medication recommendations. Clinicians get unlimited access to vital, practice-changing updates on new medications and patient care guidelines to keep them ahead of the curve.

Convenient online quizzes and live webinars with national experts and front-line providers make it easy to fulfill CE/CME requirements. Prescriber Insights is the fastest, most trustworthy way for advanced practitioners to stay current on drug therapy changes and how they fit into practice.

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NetCE helps licensed healthcare professionals improve patient care while effectively satisfying their professional requirements through evidence-based CE. The course material is written for and completed by various healthcare specialties, including CE/CME for nurses, physicians, physician assistants, social workers, mental health professionals, dental professionals, and more.

Our platform not only delivers timely and accurate content but also offers a unique, no-obligation format that caters to practicing professionals. With NetCE, you can conveniently review course material online or in print. Completing CE credits and receiving immediate feedback is effortless. Additionally, you can explore study points and evidence-based practice recommendations. Trust NetCE to meet your professional development needs efficiently and effectively.

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NatMed Pro

NatMed Pro is the largest natural medicines database that provides your pharmacovigilance staff, research and development team, and legal department with credible, evidence-based natural medicines content to help make informed, unbiased decisions about dietary supplements, natural medicines, and integrative therapies.

It’s updated daily and includes 1,400+ natural ingredient and complementary therapy monographs and 250,000+ commercial products organized into a practical, searchable database for your professional staff to easily look up supplement-to-drug interactions, safety, effectiveness, and individual commercial product information.

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QURE for Care Transformation

For over a decade, QURE Healthcare has pioneered a revolutionary approach to care, leveraging our unique, validated method of creating and presenting virtual patients.

Our proven track record showcases notable enhancements in quality and substantial cost reductions, making us the trusted choice for hospitals, primary care groups, specialists, and ACOs, all committed to delivering unparalleled healthcare excellence.

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Pharmacist's Letter

Pharmacist’s Letter, launched in 1985, is relied on by over 200,000 pharmacists for its concise, unbiased, unfiltered recommendations and continuing education. Each month, we release new drug therapy advice and resources backed by the latest clinical findings to help pharmacists make informed care decisions and answer patient questions on demand. Pharmacists also get unlimited access to a robust CE library to fulfill state requirements with ease.

Your team of pharmacists plays a vital role in patient care. As front-line clinicians, they not only dispense medications, but they directly consult with patients. Pharmacies trust Pharmacist’s Letter to provide practical, cutting-edge, rigorously peer-reviewed content written for pharmacists, by pharmacists. We also offer Pharmacist’s Letter Canada, featuring recommendations and resources around Canada-specific guidelines, medications, and regulations.

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Deepen Knowledge of Critical Subjects


Developed by board-certified clinical pharmacists, RxAdvanced is an all-access training program that helps your pharmacists deepen their knowledge and take the lead in applying the latest research, guidelines, and standards to their practice through concise, affordable, high-quality CE programs. Plus, it provides easy reporting for you to document competence and demonstrate ROI.

RxAdvanced includes access to the programs you select as most relevant to your pharmacists’ practice, available via the CE/CME & Training Organizer. The programs help you meet national standards Joint Commission requirements in acute care settings. Available programs include Guide to Natural Medicines, Guide to Cannabis, Leadership & Communication, and more.

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The Learning Management Portal

The Learning Management Portal (LMP) is a powerful tool for clinical leadership, management, and administrators to gain visibility into staff continuing education (CE) status and training requirements. Designed as a flexible learning platform, the LMP lets you track and assign training and CE courses for your clinical teams. Using the LMP, managers responsible for the training and compliance monitoring for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and other clinical staff can manage all aspects of training programs.

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Solutions Tailored to Meet Your Organization’s Needs

Prescriber Insights: MD

  • Advice from physicians for physicians on new medications and how they fit into your practice
  • Unbiased, evidence-based, 100% free of financial support from the pharma industry written by your peers
  • Side-by-side comparisons of drugs by class or disease state, plus FAQs, pros/cons, and simple recommendations
  • Earn 1 hour of CME each month with the convenient CME-in-the-Letter

Prescriber Insights: APRN

  • Advice from APRNs for APRNs on medication management to help improve the lives of your patients
  • Unbiased, evidence-based, 100% free of financial support from the pharma industry written by your peers
  • Side-by-side comparisons of drugs by class or disease state, plus FAQs, pros/cons, and simple recommendations
  • Earn 1 hour of CME each month with the convenient CME-in-the-Letter

Prescriber Insights: PA

  • Advice from PAs for PAs on medication therapies to drive better patient outcomes
  • Unbiased, evidence-based, 100% free of financial support from the pharma industry written by your peers
  • Side-by-side comparisons of drugs by class or disease state, plus FAQs, pros/cons, and simple recommendations
  • Earn 1 hour of CME each month with the convenient CME-in-the-Letter

Pharmacist's Letter

  • Make informed, evidence-based decisions about patient care with recommendations and resources
  • Get the answers you need to promote medication safety and adherence
  • CE & Training Organizer PLUS comprehensive CE library to track and meet state requirements

NetCE CE/CME Courses and Special Offers

  • 2,800+ hours of unbiased and trusted CE written and reviewed by healthcare experts
  • 425+ courses covering a wide range of healthcare topics, including ethics, natural medicines, pharmacology, and more
  • Easy-to-access and relevant online continuing education designed to fulfill state & national CE requirements

NatMed Pro

  • The most advanced and comprehensive natural medicines database for clinicians
  • Unlimited access to 1,400+ natural medicine monographs and clinical resources
  • Access 250,000+ commercial products for ingredients, safety, certifications, effectiveness, adverse effects, and more
  • Get interactive quick-check tools to support patient safety and effectiveness

QURE for Care Transformation

  • Measure care decisions and deliver real-time evidence-based feedback
  • Reduce variation & improve quality in clinical practice

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