Insights Newsletter May 2024: Emerging Trends for Clinical Leadership

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This month’s Insights Newsletter covers the latest practice-changing pharmacy updates, emerging trends, and popular natural medicine topics and resources. 

Insights Newsletter | May 2024

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Don’t Recommend Berberine as a GLP-1 Agonist Alternative

You’ll get questions about whether berberine, also called “nature’s Ozempic,” works for weight loss as people try to shape up for summer. Our Letter articles review what berberine is and how it works. We review the current evidence around berberine for weight loss and some common berberine doses. We also provide counseling tips, review potential drug interactions, and advise on berberine use in pregnancy or lactation. Read More


Community Topic: Be Ready to Discuss Alternatives to Benzoyl Peroxide   

The carcinogen benzene was found in some benzoyl peroxide products, which are often used first-line for acne treatment. Our Letter articles review how benzoyl peroxide breaks down to benzene and the current evidence surrounding this risk. We review counseling tips for benzoyl peroxide products to limit risks, such as storing them in the refrigerator. Our article also provides alternative topical and oral options for patients wanting to avoid benzoyl peroxide. Our resource, Pharmacotherapy of Acne, provides a comparison of treatment options. Read More


Hospital Topic: Prevent Med Errors at Transitions of Care

Almost half of patients may experience a med error when transferring from the ICU to a non-ICU setting. Our Letter articles provide strategies to avoid dangerous errors, such as looking for and stopping meds that are no longer necessary. For example, over half of patients started on an antipsychotic for ICU delirium have it mistakenly continued at transfer out of the ICU and after discharge. We also address restarting necessary meds and double-checking doses. Our resource, Transitions of Care Checklist, also shares key steps to take for admission and discharge as well as transfers to and from other facilities. Read More


Red Yeast Rice Linked to Serious Kidney Damage

Red yeast rice supplements linked to over 100 hospitalizations for kidney failure and at least five deaths in Japan. Our NatMed article advises consumers to be very cautious with red yeast rice products. While the issue appears to be mainly in Japan, there are concerns that red yeast rice products outside of Asia might also be impacted. Read More


Upcoming Tradeshows

We have a packed tradeshow schedule this year and would love to meet with you in person. Send us a meeting request if you’ll be attending any of these shows!

Check out where we’ll be in June:

  • ASHP Pharmacy Futures 2024: June 8-12
  • AHIP 2024: June 11-13
  • 12th Annual Native American Healthcare Conference: June 18-19
  • McKesson ideaShare 2024: June 23-26
  • AANP National Conference: June 25-30

See the Full List of Events for 2024


New Blog! Compounding Chronicles

How to Survive Pharmacy Clean Room Power Loss

Environmental Monitoring and Training Specialist at CriticalPoint, Adam West, recently posted a two-part blog series on how to survive pharmacy clean room power loss. In part one, Adam discussed the importance of planning for the unexpected when it comes to the engineering controls of the pharmacy cleanroom and compounding equipment, and elements that designated persons must examine if they want to return to compounding activity efficiently. In part two, he covered different high-level topics to consider when unexpected power loss occurs. Explore CriticalPoint


Other Covered Topics

Find out how your entire pharmacy team can get full access to all of CriticalPoint’s compounding virtual trainings, check out the top 10 popular pharmacy FAQs for the month, read about our latest offering, Controlled Substances & Diversion training, and more. Read More

Insights Newsletter | May 2024

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