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Anticoagulation Management

Help reduce VTEs and prevent adverse events with anticoagulant expertise.

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Program Overview:


CE Hours: 12 hours

Expiration: September 30, 2025

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Program Overview

Blood-thinning drugs are common in a hospital setting, but they’re high-risk. Hospitals depend on knowledgeable pharmacists to assess, monitor and manage anticoagulant therapies to reduce the risk of healthcare-associated VTE.

RxAdvanced: Anticoagulation Management guides pharmacists to develop expertise informed by evidence-based guidelines and best practices. RxAdvanced: Anticoagulation Management thoroughly equips pharmacists for their integral role in anticoagulation medication management.

Course Curriculum

The hospital pharmacist’s introduction to the dosing, monitoring, drug interactions, pharmacokinetics, indications, and clinical data for parenteral and oral anticoagulants utilized in the United States.

  • ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3172-H01-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour

Learn about the importance of anticoagulation stewardship and initiatives that may be incorporated into clinical practice.

  • ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3173-H01-P
  • CE Credit: 0.5 hour

Review The Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals for Anticoagulation and compare to prior iterations. Identify potential strategies for becoming compliant with these goals.

  • ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3174-H01-P
  • CE Credit: 0.5 hour

Review the basics of anticoagulation for atrial fibrillations, including how to quantify stroke risk, anticoagulant choice based on other clinical factors, and anticoagulation management in the setting of direct current cardioversion or arrhythmia ablation.

  • ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3175-H01-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour

Increase your knowledge to choose anticoagulants and identify thrombotic and bleeding risk in the setting of heart failure, as well as temporary and durable mechanical circulatory support.

  • ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3176-H01-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour

Increase your knowledge to choose anticoagulants and identify thrombotic and bleeding risks in the setting of heart failure, as well as temporary and durable mechanical circulatory support.

  • ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3177-H01-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour

Learn how to choose anticoagulants and identify thrombotic and bleeding risks in the setting of heart failure, as well as temporary and durable mechanical circulatory support.

  • ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3178-H01-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour

Apply and interpret clinical scoring tools and laboratory assays, and learn how to manage various phases of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) in the general population and in cardiac surgery, specifically.

  • ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3179-H01-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour

Review peri-surgical and periprocedural management of anticoagulation, including when patients should be bridged with parenteral anticoagulation, and how long oral anticoagulants should be held.

  • ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3180-H01-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour

Differentiate VTE prophylaxis strategies (risk assessment, choice of anticoagulant, etc.) and be introduced to special considerations, dosing, and supporting data in unique populations, including pregnancy, orthopedic patients, trauma patients, patients with indwelling neuraxial anesthesia/peripheral nerve catheters (i.e., epidural catheters), extremes of weight, and cancer.

  • ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3181-H01-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour

Learn about indications for anticoagulation reversal, as well as appropriate anticoagulation reversal strategies for anticoagulants with and without available antidotes.

  • ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3182-H01-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour

Apply the use of anticoagulation in special populations, including patients with antiphospholipid syndrome, cancer, and those pregnant or breast feeding.

  • ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3183-H01-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour

Examine the use of anticoagulation in extremes of weight and renal dysfunction.

  • ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3184-H01-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour

What To Expect

RxAdvanced: Anticoagulation Management is a 12-hour CE program that helps pharmacists build competency in acute care anticoagulation management through appropriate dosing, monitoring, and reversal in various patient populations. It features interactive, multimedia courses created by leading experts based on the latest research. Participants interact with robust, evidence-based content offered in short, digestible segments. Pharmacists can complete each course within the program online at their convenience 24/7.

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Key Benefits

  • Concise, research-dense anticoagulant content created by clinical leaders with front-line experience, including tools, resources, and case studies
  • Cost-effective training
  • Regular updates keep pharmacists well-versed on new, proven science
  • Seamless reporting tools that help pharmacies track training progress and ROI

RxAdvanced FAQ

RxAdvanced gives pharmacists an edge with efficient, relevant, affordable training to help deepen knowledge and practical skills in critical subjects. RxAdvanced also helps pharmacy leaders and administrators ensure and document staff competency with assignments, completion reports, benchmark reports, and more.
Most programs are $199; Hazardous Drugs is $99. Bulk pricing with discounts is available for enterprise clients, including an “All Access” option.
Yes, pharmacists earn ACPE CE credit for each course they complete in each program. Programs range from 5-16 hours. See program details for more information.
You have access for 12 months from the date of purchase. Courses must be completed before access expires.
Once an RxAdvanced program is completed, you will receive a printable Statement of Completion for the program. You can list your completed training on LinkedIn, Doximity, or other professional networking profile.
Each program is reviewed annually for critical guideline updates, and we release new program versions every 2-3 years. Pharmacists who purchase directly through our website will get the latest version at the time of purchase. Pharmacy leaders who purchase an enterprise subscription will be notified before we move any staff to the latest version.
At this time, RxAdvanced is designed specifically for pharmacists, with recommendations for medication management, patient counseling, and more. Pharmacy leaders who purchase an enterprise subscription may elect to assign only the Sterile Compounding and Hazardous Drugs programs to pharmacy technicians.