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Leadership and Communication

Develop the essential interpersonal skills for today's busy pharmacy.

$199 / year

Course Overview:


CE Hours: 9 hours

Expiration: March 31, 2026

Group Purchases

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Program Overview

Today’s successful pharmacists handle a range of complex personal interactions that require excellent leadership and communication skills.

We created RxAdvanced: Leadership and Communication to cover the gamut of daily interactions pharmacists encounter as they build relationships, lead others, and improve patient care.

Course Curriculum

Learn best practices for verbal, nonverbal, and written communication. Case studies demonstrate active listening, being open to others, and recognizing medical jargon.

  • ACPE Course Number: JA0006454-0000-23-2001-H04-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour

Learn best practices for achieving patient-centeredness, providing empathetic care, discussing sensitive topics, delivering good customer service, and managing conflict with patients.

  • ACPE Course Number: JA0006454-0000-23-2002-H04-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour

Learn best practices for communicating with patients that are older, deaf or hard-of-hearing, blind or have limited vision, culturally diverse, LGBTQIA+ and gender diverse, as well as those that have language barriers, and low health literacy.

  • ACPE Course Number: JA0006454-0000-23-2003-H04-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour

Learn best practices for patient education by using the spirit, principles, and techniques of motivational interviewing to improve adherence and patient outcomes.

  • ACPE Course Number: JA0006454-0000-23-2004-H04-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour

Learn best practices for using effective communication methods in the workplace, ways to manage conflict, and strategies to promote teamwork.

  • ACPE Course Number: JA0006454-0000-23-2005-H04-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour

Learn best practices for developing leadership skills in the workplace.

  • ACPE Course Number: JA0006454-0000-23-2006-H04-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour

Learn best practices for implementing the managing up process to improve your work relationships.

  • ACPE Course Number: JA0006454-0000-23-2007-H04-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour

Learn best practices for achieving excellence, using effective communication and leadership skills, and implementing teaching, assessment, and feedback methods when training and mentoring a learner.

  • ACPE Course Number: JA0006454-0000-23-2008-H04-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour

Learn best practices for providing effective and constructive feedback by exploring different feedback models, differentiating feedback from evaluations, and identifying tools to overcome common feedback challenges.

ACPE Course Number: JA0006454-0000-23-2009-H04-P

CE Credit: 1 hour

What To Expect

RxAdvanced: Leadership & Communication is a 9-hour CE program that is centered around building effective professional communication and everyday leadership skills for pharmacists. After completion of the program, the learner will have the skills to have meaningful conversations with various team members involved in the patient care process, from other healthcare providers and the pharmacy team to the patient or caregiver, resulting in strengthened relationships and career satisfaction—all while working in a fast-paced atmosphere. For convenient access, the program is available to participants 24/7. 

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Key Benefits

  • Continuing education provided. All courses are ACPE accredited to help meet license renewal requirements for CE
  • Proven communication tactics. The program includes industry proven communication tactics, such as motivational, interviewing and conflict resolution that are widely used within pharmacy practice
  • Cost-effective training
  • Interactive program that contains recorded lectures, knowledge checks, and additional resources to support learning
  • Multi-course format. Allows the learner to complete the training in multiple sittings, making it easy to fit into busy workdays or time away from the pharmacy

RxAdvanced FAQ

RxAdvanced gives pharmacists an edge with efficient, relevant, affordable training to help deepen knowledge and practical skills in critical subjects. RxAdvanced also helps pharmacy leaders and administrators ensure and document staff competency with assignments, completion reports, benchmark reports, and more.
Most programs are $199; Hazardous Drugs is $99. Bulk pricing with discounts is available for enterprise clients, including an “All Access” option.
Yes, pharmacists earn ACPE CE credit for each course they complete in each program. Programs range from 5-16 hours. See program details for more information.
You have access for 12 months from the date of purchase. Courses must be completed before access expires.
Once an RxAdvanced program is completed, you will receive a printable Statement of Completion for the program. You can list your completed training on LinkedIn, Doximity, or other professional networking profile.
Each program is reviewed annually for critical guideline updates, and we release new program versions every 2-3 years. Pharmacists who purchase directly through our website will get the latest version at the time of purchase. Pharmacy leaders who purchase an enterprise subscription will be notified before we move any staff to the latest version.
At this time, RxAdvanced is designed specifically for pharmacists, with recommendations for medication management, patient counseling, and more. Pharmacy leaders who purchase an enterprise subscription may elect to assign only the Sterile Compounding and Hazardous Drugs programs to pharmacy technicians.