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Retail Solutions

The days of fee-for-service reimbursements are quickly coming to an end. As a critical point on the continuum of care, pharmacists play a critical role in improving patient outcomes. Retailer pharmacies are already seeing a movement toward the same value-based reimbursement model as prescribers and health systems. TRC’s retail solutions help pharmacies positively impact quality measures with timely, unbiased, drug therapy information with continuing education, written by pharmacists and delivered in a concise, easy to understand format. TRC also provides strategies to implement MTM and other clinical services and keep your pharmacists educated to provide the very best patient care.


TRC Retail Solutions

Pharmacist's Letter

Pharmacists are on the front lines of patient care.  They need evidence-based resources at their fingertips to educate patients effectively, make clinical recommendations, and provide medication therapy management (MTM) services.

Pharmacy Technician’s Letter

The role of pharmacy technicians is expanding.  

Playing an important part of achieving quality-care goals, they juggle many responsibilities including prescriptions, prescribers, payors, and patients.

Pharmacy Technicians University

Take the headache out of technician training and compliance with the No. 1 provider of distance learning for pharmacy technicians.

Natural Medicines

Millions of patients use natural medicine supplements and alternative treatments, but information resources are unreliable, anecdotal, or don’t contain references.

Prescriber’s Letter

Improve patient outcomes with unbiased, peer-reviewed, evidence-based drug therapy information that is free from pharma influence.

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