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This month’s Insights Newsletter covers the latest practice-changing pharmacy updates, emerging trends, and natural medicines trending topics and resources. Read information on how to keep up with the latest changes in pharmacy law, the latest schedule for the CriticalPoint trainings, and more!

Answer FAQs About Insulin for Type 2 Diabetes

Insulin is in the spotlight due to manufacturers, insurers, and states announcing co-pay caps and lower prices. These changes will lead to questions about how to use insulin for patients with type 2 diabetes. We provide answers frequently asked questions about insulin, such as when insulin should be started and how to initiate and titrate doses. And we provide recommendations on how other diabetes medications should be adjusted when insulin is added and discuss the risks and benefits of using certain diabetes medications together. Read Newsletter

Help Ensure Ear Meds Aren’t Put in the Eyes 

There are recent reports of ear drops being accidentally instilled into the eyes, leading to severe burning, swelling, and eye pain after use. Mix-ups aren’t surprising, since many ear and eye meds have similar-looking names and packaging. We highlight strategies to decrease the risk of errors, including how to store ear or eye meds in the pharmacy along with what to watch for during Rx order-entry, filling, and patient pickup. We provide guidance that readers can share with patients about storing these medications at home as well as what steps to take if ear meds are accidentally put in the eyes. Read Newsletter

Get Ready for Questions About Supplements for Dementia

Bruce Willis’ recent diagnosis is generating some buzz about whether any supplements can help treat or prevent dementia. We provide a quick review of some of the most commonly asked about natural medicines used for dementia. And we provide information on ginkgo and its use in dementia, and advise patients to be mindful that ginkgo products are often adulterated with cheaper ingredients like rutin and quercetin, which don’t offer the same benefits as ginkgo. Prevagen, a commonly used supplement, is also covered. Read Newsletter

Other Covered Topics

Learn how to stay current with the latest pharmacy law and regulatory changes, and be sure to check out our pharmacy podcast, Medication Talks. Don’t forget to check out the upcoming CriticalPoint virtual training schedule, and watch our new on-demand webinar.

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