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TRC Healthcare: The #1 Trusted Source for Clinical Resources

TRC Healthcare is the top provider of evidence-based medication advisory resources for clinicians across the continuum of care. With highly regarded medication therapy advice, natural medicines resources and tools, sterile compounding education, and consulting services, TRC gives clinicians concise, unbiased resources they can trust. Unparalleled CE/CME and training programs support professional development, meet state and national standards, and facilitate lifelong learning. For over 35 years, TRC Healthcare has provided tailored, role-specific decision support to empower care teams to generate positive patient outcomes.

TRC Healthcare Products

Pharmacist's Letter

Pharmacist’s Letter

Pharmacist’s Letter, launched in 1985, is relied on by over 200,000 pharmacists for its concise, unbiased, unfiltered recommendations and continuing education. Each month, Pharmacist’s Letter releases new drug therapy advice and resources backed by the latest clinical findings, to help pharmacists make informed care decisions and answer patient questions on demand. Pharmacists also get unlimited access to a robust CE library to fulfill state requirements with ease. Pharmacists trust Pharmacist’s Letter to provide practical, cutting-edge, rigorously peer-reviewed content written for pharmacists, by pharmacists.

Also available: Pharmacist’s Letter Canada, featuring recommendations and resources around Canada-specific guidelines, medications, and regulations.



RxAdvanced provides pharmacists with advanced training that is engaging and affordable, supported by activities that deepen knowledge and practical skills in critical subjects including, Antimicrobial Stewardship, Anticoagulation Management, Hazardous Drugs in partnership with CriticalPoint, Sterile Compounding in partnership with CriticalPoint, Opioid Stewardship, Guide to Natural Medicines, Leadership & Communication, Guide to Cannabis, and our latest program, Diabetes Monitoring & Management.

Hospital Pharmacist's Letter

Hospital Pharmacist’s Letter

Hospital Pharmacist’s Letter delivers hospital-specific, evidence-based resources and tools to keep pharmacists current on new drugs, high-risk medications, and regulatory requirements, with recommendations backed by the latest clinical findings. With Hospital Pharmacist’s Letter, hospital pharmacists can get relevant, timely advice, fulfill CE requirements, and make informed decisions to improve patient outcomes and avoid medication errors.

Prescriber's Letter

Prescriber’s Letter

Prescriber’s Letter empowers physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to improve patient outcomes and meet quality measures with 100% unbiased, evidence-based medication recommendations. Clinicians get unlimited access to vital, practice-changing updates on new medications and patient care guidelines to keep them ahead of the curve. Convenient, online quizzes and live webinars with national experts and front-line providers make it easy to fulfill CE/CME requirements. Prescriber’s Letter is the fastest, most trustworthy way for advanced practitioners to stay current on drug therapy changes and how they fit into practice.

Pharmacy Technician's Letter

Pharmacy Technician’s Letter

Pharmacy Technician’s Letter is an extensive online resource that equips technicians with the essential skills to support pharmacists, build efficiency, and reduce medication errors. Technicians get concise, actionable, role-specific recommendations and clinical resources to guide their interactions with both pharmacists and patients, all focused on improving patient care and outcomes. Technicians also get access to over 120 courses to fulfill CE requirements and maintain certification. With depth and breadth of content for both experienced and new technicians, Pharmacy Technician’s Letter empowers technicians to contribute even more to the pharmacy.

Also available: Pharmacy Technician’s Letter Canada, featuring recommendations and resources around Canada-specific guidelines, medications, and regulations.

Hospital Pharmacy Technician's Letter

Hospital Pharmacy Technician’s Letter

Hospital Pharmacy Technician’s Letter delivers practical, hospital-specific advice and tools to help hospital pharmacy technicians in their vital role. Hospital pharmacy technicians get reliable, current recommendations to help prevent medication errors, communicate effectively with pharmacists and patients, and expand their role in the hospital pharmacy. Timely, role-specific, concise Hospital Pharmacy Technician’s Letter recommendations and relevant, convenient CE give hospital technicians what they need to contribute to an efficient hospital pharmacy.

Pharmacy Technicians University

Pharmacy Technicians University and PTU Elite

Pharmacy Technicians University (PTU) is the No. 1 online training program for pharmacy technicians. With flexible, tiered offerings to meet your diverse needs, PTU is the first online tech training program that meets or exceeds technician training requirements in all 50 states. PTU offers tailored curriculum for both hospital and community settings, with training content that’s comprehensive, engaging, and highly effective.

The PTU Elite suite of offerings helps techs advance their careers by developing essential competencies to enhance pharmacy practice. Available as standalone offerings, PTU Elite programs focus on specific topic areas and are the perfect complement to PTU.

Nat Med

NatMed Pro

NatMed Pro is the world’s most authoritative resource on dietary supplements and natural medicines. With NatMed Pro, clinicians get the tools they need to make informed, evidence-based alternative therapy decisions based on the most reliable, comprehensive, and scientific data available. It is updated daily and includes 1,400+ natural ingredient and alternative therapy monographs and more than 185,000 commercial products organized into practical, searchable databases to help answer your clinical questions.

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CriticalPoint focuses on increasing patient safety through a variety of educational compounding offerings concentrating on USP <797>, <800>, and <795>. Partnering with industry experts, CriticalPoint provides the most current and engaging training on industry standards, resulting in improved competency and patient safety. Offerings include eLearning, Virtual Training, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

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NetCE is the perfect complement to TRC Healthcare’s CE offerings. With over 2,800 hours of engaging content specifically for nurses, physicians, physician assistants, and many other healthcare professionals, NetCE’s online offerings and direct mail catalogs are used by more than 425,000 healthcare professionals each year. NetCE’s ongoing mission is to enable members of the interprofessional healthcare team to raise their levels of expertise while fulfilling their continuing education requirements, thereby improving the quality of healthcare.

Bula Intelligence. A TRC Healthcare Company

Bula Intelligence

Bula Intelligence makes it easy to understand regulatory compliance and its impact on pharmacy, healthcare, and clinical operations. With Bula, pharmacies get easy access to information needed to make informed risk assessments and policy decisions, stay in compliance and avoid large fines, and effectively anticipate and navigate upcoming changes in regulation.

QURE Healthcare

Qure Healthcare

Qure Healthcare measures clinical practice using scientifically-validated patient simulations. This process leads to higher quality and lower costs for clients in large health care systems and to coverage and reimbursement for life-science clients.