Insights Newsletter August 2023: Emerging Trends for Clinical Leadership

This month’s Insights Newsletter covers the latest practice-changing pharmacy updates, emerging trends, and natural medicines trending topics and resources. Read new Beers Criteria Guidelines, get all access to virtual compounding trainings, and get the latest on berberine, “Nature’s Ozempic”.

Insights Newsletter | August 2023

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Stay Updated on the New Beers Criteria Guidelines

There will be more focus on appropriate medication use in adults over 65 with the Beers Criteria update from the American Geriatrics Society. Medications on the “Beers List” are potentially risky or associated with poor outcomes in older adults and are often the target of payer alerts or quality measures. We highlight the latest changes to the Beers Criteria, including medications that should usually be avoided or used with caution in older patients as well as drug interactions that may require closer monitoring or a medication change in this particular patient population. We discuss strategies to individualize care based on shared decision-making, as these guidelines serve as a “yellow warning light” to use caution with some medications, NOT a “red stop light” to always avoid them. Our resource, Potentially Harmful Drugs: Beers List, goes beyond the Beers Criteria with considerations to help weigh medication risks and benefits including suggested therapeutic alternatives. Read Newsletter


Help Ensure Appropriate Use of Stimulants

A recent FDA warning will highlight misuse, addiction, and other risks of stimulants and caution against sharing these prescriptions. Up to 80% of people who misuse stimulants get the medications from family or friends, and up to 20% of patients misuse their own prescription. We provide approaches to support the safe use of stimulants and discuss which products may have lower misuse potential than others as well as what options are preferred in patients at high risk for misuse and what red flags may suggest a problem. We provide answers to other big questions about stimulants, such as whether higher than maximum labeled doses are ever okay and what duration of therapy is appropriate. Our resource, Comparison of ADHD Meds, will help guide switches between products, especially with ongoing shortages. Read Newsletter


“Nature’s Ozempic”: The Latest on Berberine

Social media has been buzzing about berberine, which is now being called “nature’s Ozempic.” Providers can expect to get questions and concerns about its role in weight loss. We give a great background on berberine and its source plants, and we discuss clinical research detailing its efficacy, as well as dosing, safety, and interaction information. We also caution that providers remind patients that berberine should not be used in place of prescription medications. Read Newsletter


Other Covered Topics

Check out our latest resources in our Diabetes Resource Hub. And don’t forget to check out our latest offering, CriticalPoint All Access – a limited time offer for unlimited access to the rest of our 2023 CriticalPoint virtual compounding training programs.

Insights Newsletter | August 2023

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