Insights Newsletter September 2023: Emerging Trends for Clinical Leadership

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This month’s Insights Newsletter covers the latest practice-changing pharmacy updates, emerging trends, and natural medicines trending topics and resources. Find out what’s new for 2023-2024 flu vaccines. Check out the upcoming virtual compounding trainings, read new PRIME energy drink concerns, learn how to help patients 60 and over decide about the RSV vaccine, and more.

Insights Newsletter | September 2023

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Help Patients Age 60 and Over Decide About the RSV Vaccine

We’re getting questions about the first vaccines to prevent respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in older adults. People want to know about RSV risks as well as RSV vaccine efficacy, side effects, recommendations for use, and co-administration with other vaccines (COVID-19, flu, etc.). Our Letter articles review RSV and the rationale for RSV vaccination. We discuss the efficacy of new RSV vaccines and recommendations for use and highlight populations most likely to benefit. We also review differences between the two new vaccines, such as side effects and cost. Answers to frequently asked questions about co-administration with other vaccines (COVID-19, flu, etc.) are also discussed. Stay tuned for our guidance about maternal use of vaccines, recommendations for using a new monoclonal antibody to prevent RSV in infants and toddlers, and a new clinical resource to answer all of your RSV prevention questions. Read Newsletter


Know What’s New for 2023-2024 Flu Immunizations

Flu season will bring questions about changes to flu vaccines and recommendations for 2023-2024. Questions are also arising about which flu vaccines are “best” for patients, flu vaccine efficacy and timing, and co-administration with other vaccines (COVID-19, RSV, etc.). Our Letter articles highlight what’s new with the flu vaccines for 2023-2024 to help pharmacy, prescriber, and hospital staff ensure patients are appropriately vaccinated. Updated recommendations are provided about giving vaccines to people with an egg allergy, and answers to frequently asked questions about co-administration with other vaccines (COVID-19, RSV, etc.) are also discussed. Our resource, Flu Vaccines for 2023-2024, compares the various products and includes immunization recommendations for kids, pregnant patients, and older adults. Read Newsletter.


PRIME Energy Drink Reignites Caffeine Concerns

A new energy drink making the rounds on social media is causing concerns over high caffeine consumption. PRIME energy drink is causing a stir due to its marketing campaigns targeting children. Our NatMed article gives details on the caffeine content of PRIME drinks and discusses safety concerns when consumed by children. We also highlight that there have been labeling mix-ups where patients intended to purchase PRIME Hydration drink (caffeine free), but purchased the PRIME energy drink instead. Read Newsletter


Other Covered Topics

October is American Pharmacists Month! Listen to the latest Medication Talk podcast, learn why you should add Bula to your 2024 budget, and get all access to the rest of our 2023 CriticalPoint virtual compounding training programs.

Insights Newsletter | September 2023

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