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Sterile Compounding

An advanced sterile compounding training and CE program for pharmacists to stay current and knowledgeable of USP <797> standards on sterile compounding.

$199 / year

Course Overview:


CE Hours: 12 hours

Expiration: January 31, 2025

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Program Overview

Compounding pharmacists and pharmacy technicians need advanced skills to maintain a safe, sterile, and controlled environment that’s compliant with the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) <797> standards. 

RxAdvanced: Sterile Compounding prepares pharmacists and technicians to be confident leaders of continuous process improvement and position their pharmacy to meet high standards for patient safety. Developed by leading clinical experts at CriticalPoint, RxAdvanced: Sterile Compounding keeps pharmacists and technicians in step with evolving standards set by USP <797>. We created RxAdvanced: Sterile Compounding training to help pharmacists and technicians in healthcare institutions of all sizes apply the best practices in sterile compounding.

Course Curriculum

Learn about the evolution of pharmacy compounding and the development of national standards of practice.

  • ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3001-H07-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour


Review USP requirements around beyond-use dating (BUD) and recognize the risk of microbiological contamination in compounded sterile products.

  • ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3002-H07-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour


Learn about the requirements set out by USP 797 (2019) for release inspections and testing, including visual inspection, sterility testing, and bacterial endotoxins testing.

  • ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3003-H07-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour


Consider unique factors when advancing a CSP from staging to transport, including numerous opportunities where mistakes can be made, and how robust procedures can help prevent errors.

  • ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3004-H07-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour


Use compounding documentation to provide evidence of procedures or activities performed during compounding, such as compounding instructions, equipment required, and calculations.

  • ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3005-H07-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour


Recognize the importance of standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure the preparation of medication is reproducible and reduce preventable errors and patient injuries.

  • ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3006-H07-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour


Review key elements of good documentation, including USP 797 requirements, and why it’s important to maintain good documentation at your compounding facility.

  • ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3007-H07-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour


Recognize how to utilize automated compounding devices (ACDs) for sterile compounding and the techniques and work practices that must be implemented to minimize microbiological contamination of compounded sterile preparations.

  • ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3008-H07-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour


Acquire a better understanding of quality assurance (QA) expectations relative to your role and the importance of an integrated quality management system (QMS) that works to prevent errors from recurring.

  • ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3009-H07-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour


Learn about proper material handling and its role in reducing the bioburden introduced into the primary and secondary engineering controls (PECs and SECs).

  • ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3010-H07-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour


Review the concept of performing aseptic compounding in a disciplined and consistent fashion to safeguard patients from preventable disease and injury related to contaminated compounded sterile preparations.

  • ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3011-H07-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour


Take away information on how best to ensure patient safety when you mix sterile drugs outside of sterile compounding environments.

  • ACPE Course #: JA0006454-0000-22-3012-H07-P
  • CE Credit: 1 hour


What To Expect

RxAdvanced: Sterile Compounding is a 12-hour CE program developed by trusted pharmacy experts at TRC Healthcare and CriticalPoint. It prepares pharmacists for competency with best practices in sterile compounding. Pharmacists can complete each sterile compounding training and CE course within the program online at their convenience 24/7.

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Key Benefits

  • Interactive, multimedia courses created by leading experts based on the latest standards, available online 24/7
  • Relevant content, augmented by printable resources to help pharmacists apply clinical knowledge to practice
  • Improved patient care through refined processes that reduce the risk for errors and contamination

RxAdvanced FAQ

Best practices recommended in the current version of RxAdvanced: Sterile Compounding meet and exceed the 2008 USP <797> standards.
RxAdvanced gives pharmacists an edge with efficient, relevant, affordable training to help deepen knowledge and practical skills in critical subjects. RxAdvanced also helps pharmacy leaders and administrators ensure and document staff competency with assignments, completion reports, benchmark reports, and more.
Most programs are $199; Hazardous Drugs is $99. Bulk pricing with discounts is available for enterprise clients, including an “All Access” option.
Yes, pharmacists earn ACPE CE credit for each course they complete in each program. Programs range from 5-16 hours. See program details for more information.
You have access for 12 months from the date of purchase. Courses must be completed before access expires.
Once an RxAdvanced program is completed, you will receive a printable Statement of Completion for the program. You can list your completed training on LinkedIn, Doximity, or other professional networking profile.
Each program is reviewed annually for critical guideline updates, and we release new program versions every 2-3 years. Pharmacists who purchase directly through our website will get the latest version at the time of purchase. Pharmacy leaders who purchase an enterprise subscription will be notified before we move any staff to the latest version.
At this time, RxAdvanced is designed specifically for pharmacists, with recommendations for medication management, patient counseling, and more. Pharmacy leaders who purchase an enterprise subscription may elect to assign only the Sterile Compounding and Hazardous Drugs programs to pharmacy technicians.